Telit unveils pan-European IoT connectivity offerings

Telit’s Internet of Things connectivity portfolio of basic and value-added communication services can now be employed as a separate package

Telit unveils pan-European IoT connectivity offerings

Telit has introduced a pan-European Internet of Things coverage solution with enhanced performance. It offers roaming price for all operators, including seamless roaming across Europe, as well as Russia and Turkey

Other value-added services allow customers to remotely manage and troubleshoot their deployments (e.g. roaming steering control by the end customer), thereby improving serviceability and transparency to their end customers.

Telit noted that M2M/IoT deployments face different challenges than for consumer subscribers. Existing connectivity offerings are often not suitable for the life cycle of a M2M/IoT solution.

“Many IoT projects have failed because operators could not provide the right business solution,” said Sammy Yahiaoui, services sales manager EMEA at Telit. “Now connectivity comes out-of-the box for a fixed, comprehensive and affordable price.

“It’s tightly integrated with the hardware, the modules, and a portfolio of deployment and troubleshooting services, which provides additional, innovative functionality. For example, the intelligence service gives customers a quick and easy way to analyze the business performance of their M2M/IoT deployments,” said Yahiaoui.

Service bundles include: module plus SIM; module plus SIM plus value-added services; and a bundle that extends connectivity to the Cloud. When new projects are created, significant benefits are obtained when the full offer is utilised. These services are agnostic and available for customers that use a third-party for their connectivity.


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