Twogether Creative deploys Zebra Technologies’ Wi-Fi network

UK technology marketing agency installs WiNG Express Wi-Fi to enable marketing creatives to work without interruption

Twogether Creative deploys Zebra Technologies’ Wi-Fi network

UK technology marketing agency Twogether Creative has installed a Zebra Technologies WiNG Express Wi-Fi solution throughout its office to improve the wireless experience for its staff. The aim was to remove hassle from their working day with fast, reliable wireless connectivity. Twogether reports that its 80 employees are happier and 10– 5% more productive than before.

Following the half-day installation of Zebra’s WiNG Express solution, Twogether staff can now work on their wireless laptops and tablets throughout the building without losing connectivity, despite the thick walls of the agency’s grade 1 listed building.

Staff can access and download large files and other network data quickly and easily. They can also hold multiple user videoconferences with customers without worrying about delays or lost connections.

The network is using Zebra’s WiNG Express AP 7522Es access points (pictured). The WiNG Express Manager provides faults diagnosis and the ability to solve network problems from a central point on a user friendly interface.

The WiNG Express Secure Guest Access with Zebra Captive Portal functionality has given Twogether the network security needed to move ahead with a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policy.

When Twogether opens a second office, it will be able to extend the wireless network between the two offices at minimal cost, as the entire network will be managed from a single point.

Kirsty Gilchrist, managing director, Twogether, said: “The Zebra wireless network has had an immediate impact on our business. Since the extremely rapid installation, which was carried out during a busy working day, we’ve seen a huge improvement in wireless reliability, and have experienced a 30% reduction in support calls. We’ve also got a solution that we know can extend to keep up with our rapid growth.”

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