UK Cabinet Office selects Aerohive Wi-Fi for IT infrastructure overhaul

Government body required a Wi-Fi everywhere solution to help free civil servants from desks and enable more productive and collaborative ways of working

UK Cabinet Office selects Aerohive Wi-Fi for IT infrastructure overhaul

The UK Cabinet Office has chosen Aerohive Networks Wi-Fi to help overhaul the Office’s legacy IT infrastructure to enable modern, flexible ways of working for its employees. The Cabinet Office said it required high quality network connectivity across a number of devices per user and chose Aerohive for its scalable and flexible approach to Wi-Fi.

Aerohive’s wireless solution has now been installed in all of its buildings, reducing the need for infrastructure cable, freeing civil servants from desks and enabling more productive and collaborative ways of working.

The Cabinet office wanted high quality network connectivity throughout the building, especially for desks and meeting areas; a priority that the Cabinet Office IT team summarised as ”Wi-Fi Everywhere”.

It sought a solution that would be resilient, without a single point of failure but with overlapping Wi-Fi coverage. Aerohive’s believes its controller-less architecture, as well as its support for private cloud and on-premise management systems, made it a compatible choice for the Cabinet Office.

Phil Keeley, principle sales engineer, Aerohive Networks, said: “Wi-Fi has become an essential technology, and any network the Cabinet Office installed must support both the speed and capacity required for its staff, its guests, and other tenants in shared buildings, as well as visitors from other departments.

“The evolving technology needs of the Cabinet Office are reflective of all organisations looking to transform legacy systems. Selecting Aerohive to provide access points for a flexible, scalable and secure wireless network is an important step towards creating an environment fit for the modern day worker.”

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