Aerohive Wi-Fi to be rolled out in Clarks and Mothercare retail outlets

Wi-Fi will be used to improve customer service, increase efficiency of internal communications and providing a platform for new in-store technologies

Aerohive Wi-Fi to be rolled out in Clarks and Mothercare retail outlets

Aerohive Networks’ Wi-Fi solution is to be installed in over 500 Clarks shoe stores and 50 Mothercare stores throughout the UK. The roll-out will be implemented by Jade Solutions under its CROWD WIFI brand, which uses Aerohive technology.

The types of services running across the new Wi-Fi network will include: guest Wi-Fi for customers (and staff); retail Wi-Fi to enable Clarks staff to use corporate mobile devices for assisted selling, with access to their own transactional website; and corporate Wi-Fi to enable staff to access operational corporate-only services and communicate with HQ.

Aerohive technology is an integral part of the CROWD offering and was chosen for demonstrating the commercial benefits of its Wi-Fi solution and successfully outlining how it could support the retailer with its vision and customer engagement roadmap, specific to the retail sector.

The aim is to help Clarks improve customer service, increase efficiency of internal communications, and provide a platform to innovate in-store technologies – now and in the future.

Mark Brackley, managing director, Jade Solutions, observed: “Today’s modern shopping experience is fast evolving into one that is centred on innovative technology and underpinned by robust connectivity.

“Clarks has demonstrated how retailers can effectively use technology to engage with their customers, and the importance of creating a bespoke and seamless shopping experience, to remain competitive.

“By becoming more in tune with their customers and using these methods to better optimise their business, retailers like Clarks will be successful in gaining that competitive edge quickly.”

Phil Keeley, principal systems engineer, Aerohive Networks, added: “Clarks is a historic brand with a fantastic reputation and market share, but to maintain this in a competitive digital-focused retail environment, it’s vital that it invests in technology that will enable it to innovate.


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