Lord’s cricket ground rolls out Sepura digital mobile radio solution

Sepura channel partner Chatterbox to deliver 80 SBP8040 keypad hand-portables, over 360 SBP8340 non-keypad hand-portables for use by stewards for crowd control and SBM8040 desktop mobile radios for the ground’s control room

Lord’s cricket ground rolls out Sepura digital mobile radio solution

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) is to deploy Sepura Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) technology to upgrade its communications at Lord’s Cricket Ground in North West London. The contract was secured by Chatterbox, Sepura's channel partner for the South East of England.

The Club decided its legacy analogue radio system had become obsolete and no longer met its needs, so it required a new communication solution able to provide radio coverage of the site and immediate surrounding area.

Chatterbox carried out a site survey before delivering the tender proposal, which it completed in partnership with Sepura. The Sepura radios are able to cover the site with good audio clarity, which is deemed a very useful feature as crowd noise can be very high on busy match days.

MCC also wanted the benefit of an all-weather and, most importantly, waterproof radio, as most of the radios are used outdoors. MCC chose Sepura DMR technology because of the hand-portables’ IP67 rating for protection against dust and water ingress.

The new digital communication system, operational since April 2015, has been used for the official start of the 2015 cricket season, comprising the first Investec Test Match, England v New Zealand and it will be used for the second Investec Ashes Test Match, England v Australia in July.

Under the new five year contract, Chatterbox has supplied MCC with over 80 SBP8040 Sepura keypad/display hand-portables for everyday use by catering, security, maintenance and management teams.

On match days, over 360 additional SBP8340 non-keypad hand-portables are used by stewards for crowd control, while Sepura’s SBM8040 desktop mobile radios will be deployed in the ground’s control room.

Gary Leatherby, managing director of Chatterbox, said: "Sepura’s handsets are rugged and robust, making them ideal for outdoor use. The radios’ ease of use is also an important feature as it enables MCC to train temporary staff quickly and efficiently, in addition the coloured bezels allow easier identification of the allocated radios by the different teams of users.

“The radios also offer the potential to programme advanced supervisory and health & safety features such as transmit interrupt, lone worker and man down, should these be required by MCC in the future.”

Cliff Davies, DMR business development manager for Sepura, said: “Our radios’ advanced features, such as encryption, zone selection and private call with caller ID deliver outstanding benefits to MCC teams of users. Our fleet of short term hire radios allow customers to provide critical communications for major events whilst minimising their operational costs.”

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