Quortus and Deltenna combine for mobile network on a chip 4G solution

Quortus enhanced ECX Tactical 4G EPC implemented on Deltenna’s LittleWolf eNodeB to provide network on a chip for highly mobile scenarios for public safety and rural applications

Quortus and Deltenna combine for mobile network on a chip 4G solution

Quortus announced at Small Cells World Summit this week that its ECX Tactical software has been implemented on the Deltenna LittleWolf eNodeB, a 4G-radio hardware platform for high-mobility scenarios.

The combination of the two products provides a complete solution for field-deployable private cellular 4G ‘bubbles’ with specialised features for the public safety and first responder market, including multicast/broadcast, in-session mobility, relay-station functionality and ad-hoc meshing.

Quortus’ ECX Tactical software is optimised for embedding directly onto partner 4G radios such as Deltenna’s. This creates a unique ‘network-on-a-chip’ solution, allowing deployment in space and power constrained environments, such as vehicles, on drones or in personnel backpacks.

It comprises an embedded 4G evolved packet core (EPC) with enhanced features, tightly coupled with a small footprint eNodeB and 4G or Wi-Fi UEs/modems. As well as incorporating a feature-rich EPC, ECX Tactical introduces features demanded by the critical communications sector such as seamless secure communications with high-mobility, to date only seen in Tetra networks.

Andy Odgers, CEO, Quortus, said the Deltenna LittleWolf platform provides a technology and expertise in radio and antenna products, which are ideal for the public safety and emergency response fields.

“Using ECX Tactical together with Deltenna, agencies can now provide high-mobility users with seamless and consistent communications on the ground in high impact scenarios where it’s most needed,” said Odgers.

“Access to high-quality communications represent a critical piece of everyday infrastructure and nowhere is this truer than in public safety arena. Agencies require rapidly deployable networks that are secure and reliable in all scenarios,” said Andrew Fox, CEO, Deltenna.

“The LittleWolf Platform combined with Quortus’ ECX Tactical delivers a network which can be deployed in any environment to provide seamless connections between drones, vehicles and on-person units.”

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