Zinwave addresses benefits of combining location based services and DAS

CEO to discuss the benefits of including location based services capabilities onto DAS installations at DAS & Smalls Cells Congress in New Orleans

Zinwave addresses benefits of combining location based services and DAS

Zinwave’s CEO, Ian Sugarbroad, is to explain the complexity of introducing location based services (LBS) capabilities into in-building wireless coverage systems at the forthcoming DAS and Small Cells Congress in New Orleans (8-10 June).

During his session Sugarbroad will outline the significance of supporting IP driven services such as LBS on an integrated DAS infrastructure, as well as their potential business value for stakeholders. According to industry research, the LBS market is predicted to be worth over $5m by 2019.

Zinwave has recently launched UNItivity, a unified connectivity platform that integrates its wideband DAS technology with IP capabilities to deliver an end-to-end solution that supports any combination of wireless and IP services between 150MHz-2700MHz on a single hardware layer, regardless of protocol or modulation scheme.

Additionally, Zinwave says Unitivity is the only system to support multiple FDD and TDD LTE services simultaneously across any spectrum allocated globally. It is also the only system to potentially provide LBS functionality circa 300 m² without compromising the performance of its core DAS capabilities.

Sugarbroad commented: “UNItivity is a unified communications platform in the true sense of the word. It provides integrated support for wireless, high capacity Wi-Fi and LBS in an install once solution, offering significantly reduced CAPEX and OPEX compared to traditional DAS installations. Furthermore, other DAS vendors would require a Wi-Fi overlay or equivalent to offer LBS capabilities, resulting in highly complex and expensive infrastructures.”


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