ZyXEL offers end-to-end open-interface small cell solution

Company claims end-to-end open-interface solution removes interoperability and integration issues and opens up big market opportunity for small operators and MVNOs

ZyXEL offers end-to-end open-interface small cell solution

ZyXEL is to announce details of its new end-to-end small cell solution at the Small Cells World Summit in London next week. The company says its solution removes the technology and cost barriers for smaller operators and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) looking to deliver 4G small cell services.

While small cell technology offers an attractive solution to compensate for the heavy-loaded macro tower infrastructure, integration and interoperability issues have made it difficult and cost-prohibitive for smaller operators to develop new services deploying small cell technology to offload macro cells.

ZyXEL claims its end-to-end small cell solution removes these barriers by unlocking a closed ecosystem by allowing small operators to pick and chose equipment based on their requirements, rather than being restricted to one vendor.

In addition, ZyXEL’s end-to-end small cell solution offers security gateways with a minimum of 10,000 subscriber tunnels and HeNB gateways for 4G LTE network control. It also features an exclusive network management system (ZyMS) for centralised management of security gateways and Home eNode B (HeNB) gateways.

The solution is compatible with any third-party 3GPP standard compliant products, offering operators deployment flexibility, together with ease-of-management.

Greg Pannell, senior business development manager of ZyXEL Europe, said: “With ZyXEL’s end-to-end small cell solution, operators are no longer forced to take the set menu from one particular vendor for all their equipment.

“By offering full inter-operability with multiple vendor products, our flexible system architecture removes the cost barriers for smaller operators and MVNOs looking to deploy small cell technology and opens up lucrative new market opportunities for delivering 4G small cell services.

“Our end-to-end small cell solution is backed up by ZyXEL’s global presence in 150 markets worldwide, together our strong aftersales support, which is the key to our partners’ success, making as an attractive option for operators looking to deploy small cell technology."

ZyXEL will showcase its small cell solution at the Small Cells World Summit 9-11 June 2015 at booth 6 at the ExCel Exhibition Centre, London.

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