CCW 2015: DAMM delivers choice of four radio technologies in a single box

BS422 outdoor base station one-box solution offers TETRA, DMR Tier III, TEDS and analogue technologies in one integrated system

CCW 2015: DAMM delivers choice of four radio technologies in a single box

DAMM announced its cross-technology, one-box solution offering TETRA, DMR Tier III, TEDS and analogue technologies in one integrated system at Critical Communications World 2015.

The new BS422 outdoor base station enables customers to choose the technology to match their current needs – and scale to meet changing voice and data demands at a click, including combining multiple technologies into one coherent system.

The BS422 is ideal to go hybrid, as it allows users to combine any number of carriers in TETRA, with others running in DMR and even in TEDS, thereby allowing cross technology communication. It is also possible to use different technologies at different sites and combine them into one network and central subscriber register.

In short, the new TetraFlex BS422 is a key brick in building one system with multiple technologies – and the decentralised architecture makes it easy to scale to any size system.

Allan Detlefsen, CCO at DAMM said: “DAMM offers the most flexible, scalable and intelligent critical radio and broadband communication solution available – now even across technologies.”

Kjeld Pharao, CEO at DAMM, said: “We are very excited to be able to present the results of our latest technological investments at Critical Communications World. Full integration is key to success for our customers. Our investment in research and development over the last year has resulted in a new unseen solution that could potentially revolutionise the way people use critical radio and broadband communication.”

Pharao told Wireless: ‘The choice of which technology you use is just down to a software setting – it’s all software defined. We think this provides customers with a good bridge from analogue to the first level of digital as you use the same hardware and software and you can add on TETRA Enhanced Data Services (TEDS) if you want.

‘What’s good about it is that you don’t have to re-invest in your infrastructure, as you can simply switch your hardware to another system at a time when technology is shifting a lot. This product is future-proof as it is based on true IP, thus providing our customers with a number of suitable options, including using LTE for non-mission critical broadband needs,’ said Pharao.

He added that the BS422 is the smallest high power base station of its kind. ‘It is really squeezed down,’ pointed out Pharao, ‘and it weighs just 8.5kg.’

Summing up DAMM’s aspirations, Pharao said: ‘We want to be the most innovative new solutions provider in this space providing high power, high quality mission critical communication products.’

BS422 key specifications
• Compact size, low weight and rugged outdoor base station
• Integrated powerful controller
• Improved redundancy
• Input power: PoE or external power
• Output power: standard and high power solution
• Cross technology: DMR Tier III, TETRA and TEDS, allowing hybrid usage
• Easy integration into existing systems, such as enabling upgrade of BS421 or BS418 systems with a BS422
• Frequency range: VHF (80MHz and 160MHz); UHF (400MHz and 800MHz)
• Bandwidth (kHz): 6.25, 12.5, 20, 25, 50, 100, 150
• Synchronisation: 1PPA, GPS, IEEE 1588 via LAN.

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