Galtronics introduces EXTENT D5503i antenna

D5503i is a directional panel antenna that provides MIMO performance with full frequency range support for venues with high data capacity needs

Galtronics introduces EXTENT D5503i antenna

Galtronics, a Baylin Technologies company, has unveiled the latest addition to its EXTENT outdoor antenna line: the D5503i – a directional panel antenna designed to provide excellent LTE MIMO broadband wireless coverage in high-capacity venues such as campuses and stadiums.

The D5503i antenna supports MIMO across the full frequency range from 698 -2700 MHz, with a 60°/60° beam width and 8 dBi gain at 698-960 MHz and a 30°/60° beam width and 11.5dBi gain at 1710-2700 MHz.

With this product Galtronics said it has completeds its high-capacity antenna portfolio, which includes a full range of EXTENT options with 20°/60°, 30°/60°, 30°/30° and 60°/60° beam antennas designed by Galtronics engineers for excellent RF performance.

Galtronics’ high-capacity antennas support a very flexible DAS system design enabling highest possible amount of sectorisation which results ultimately in best wireless data capacity.

The new EXTENT D5503i antenna provides precise, consistent and fast roll-off for a clear-cut footprint and low interference. Galtronics tests all covered spectrum bands for Passive Intermodulation (PIM) to ensure high quality and performance.

“By adding the D5503i to our industry-recognized EXTENT product line, Galtronics broadens its antenna offering for the growing Hetnet, DAS and small cell market,” said Julia Hogan Executive Vice President Global Infrastructure of Galtronics. “We will continue to innovate and are working closely with our key customers on next-generation products to further enhance wireless communication.”

Key features of the EXTENT D5503i MIMO Antenna include:
• Low VSWR of <1.7:1
• PIM certification guaranteed to be less than -150 dBc at 2x43 dbm
• High gain of up to 11.5 dBi

The EXTENT D5503i is available immediate shipment.


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