CCW 2015: Teltronic presents dual TETRA-LTE deployable base station

Teltronic showcases TETRA+LTE mobile base station, TETRA solution for railway signalling and CeCoCo product for information sharing between different agencies

CCW 2015: Teltronic presents dual TETRA-LTE deployable base station

Teltronic’s new dual TETRA + LTE deployable base station (DBS), pictured, is part of the eNEBULA new generation mission critical infrastructure product family, which offers TETRA and LTE radio access on a single radio network.

The deployable base station can be quickly deployed wherever a new coverage area is needed. As a TETRA base station the DBS features two carriers. In dual configuration, the DBS delivers a TETRA carrier plus a LTE eNodeB.

The unit can work as either a stand-alone unit operating as a fully autonomous system, or as a remote site connected to an existing radio network. The DBS is designed to enable the rapid deployment of communications equipment, under the harshest terrain and environmental conditions.

Teltronic railway signalling over TETRA
Teltronic’s TETRA solution for supporting the communication needs of railway signalling is comprises TETRA on-board equipment for data management (RTP-S) and Teltronic’s next generation radio infrastructure eNEBULA.

Railway signaling applications require a continuous exchange of data between wayside and on-board elements. Teltronic’s solution for this type of end-to-end data communication is designed to ensure the system availability and QoS parameters specified for this kind of environment.

Teltronic works closely with the main signalling systems manufacturers to adapt TETRA technology to cover the requirements of railway train control systems.

Teltronic CeCoCo Series offers integrated command and control centre solutions
From small dispatch offices to local and regional call centres, Teltronic’s CeCoCo Series enables standard-based information sharing between different agencies and organisations, critical for a quick and accurate response to emergency situations.

The CeCoCo series offers an integrated end-to-end solution based on a modular and flexible platform to cover different services such as GIS (Geographic Information System), AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), Radio dispatch, integration with other radio technologies, Video Surveillance, Incident management, Call Taking or 112/911 services.

Beyond technologies such as TETRA, P25 or LTE, Teltronic is also able to offer control centre solutions, either integrated with the radio infrastructure or exclusively based on CAD and 112/911 services.

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