CCW 2015: Sepura announces an expanded DMR portfolio

DMR Tier 2 Dynamic enables calls to be dynamically allocated to a free slot, as opposed to conventional DMR systems where users have to wait for their assigned slot to become available, even when the other slot is not being used

CCW 2015: Sepura announces an expanded DMR portfolio

Sepura showcased its enhanced Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) product offering at Critical Communications World (CCW) in Barcelona (19-21 May 2015).

Traditionally a TETRA radio provider, Sepura officially launched its first DMR offerings in November 2013. The range has since expanded enabling the smooth migration from analogue to digital and improving communications for users from a wide variety of sectors.

Peter Hudson, senior product manager for Sepura said: “Our DMR product range guarantees high-performance communication, providing spectral efficiency, advanced voice features and integrated data services.

“Our hand-portable radios are designed for tough environments offering loud 1W, high quality audio with an intuitive user interface; they are rugged and robust, designed to IP67 and MIL 810 standards, and feature advanced functionality comprising a range of applications such as GPS, lone worker and man down. Sepura’s DMR offering also includes SICS eXpress - a powerful, user-friendly voice and data dispatcher.”

Hudson added: “Further to the acquisition of Fylde Micro Ltd. in 2014 - one of the world's most successful trunked radio network developers, we successfully incorporated DMR Tier III to our growing portfolio.

“By combining our class-leading radio products with innovative trunking technology, our solutions allow different protocols to talk to one another seamlessly and provide a cost-effective way to maintain smooth communication throughout the analogue-to-digital migration process”.

Sepura DMR Tier II Dynamic
Stuart Longley, product manager for Sepura, commented: “On the global stage of CCW we are also delighted to announce the launch of Sepura Tier II Dynamic, which allows the efficient use of DMR technology’s timeslots.

“In conventional DMR systems two timeslots are available to allow two simultaneous calls, but each call is fixed to one of those two timeslots – when multiple groups are assigned to a single slot, users need to wait for it to become available, even when the other slot is not being used.

“With Sepura Tier II Dynamic calls are dynamically allocated to a free slot, this improves efficiency of communication by ensuring that the channel utilisation is maximised and the air interface resources are allocated more efficiently.”

Chris D’Aguiar, VP Commercial for Sepura, concluded: "Our proven expertise and experience in providing critical communication solutions are the solid base on which we have built our DMR offering. We look forward to supporting more and more organisations around the globe in their analogue to digital migration strategy.”

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