On-Ramp Wireless and WellAware enable the digital oilfield

Low-power, wide-area connectivity solution provides a range of advantages for automation and security in oil and gas operations

On-Ramp Wireless and WellAware enable the digital oilfield

On-Ramp Wireless, a provider of long-range connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), and WellAware, a full-stack solution for oil and gas field monitoring and optimisation, have collaborated on the creation of a wide-area IoT communications network.

The WellAware and On-Ramp Wireless network provides coverage for over 55,000 square miles of the most active US oil and gas fields, representing more than 50% of total US production.

The partnership integrates On-Ramp Wireless' RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology into WellAware's solutions, delivering the highest data availability at the lowest cost for oil and gas operators.

The On-Ramp Wireless RPMA technology provides low-power, wide-area connectivity and secure, acknowledged, two-way communications in this challenging environment. WellAware's solutions collect, manage, and analyze this information to help operators reduce expenses, minimise downtime and ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

Given the remote locations of many oil wells, cellular networks often fall short of providing necessary data coverage. Satellite monitoring is cost-prohibitive for frequent polling rates, and 900MHz networks require a high upfront CAPEX and are plagued by interference issues.

The WellAware RPMA Network, already pre-built over the key oil and gas shale plays, delivers over 99.9% data availability and supports over 5,000 radios per access point, making it the lowest total cost solution available.

"Our customers have a tremendous need to tap into the intelligence provided by the digital oilfield," said Matt Harrison, founder and CEO, WellAware. "Through this partnership with On-Ramp Wireless, we can ensure our solutions provide the highest data availability at the lowest cost, enabling our customers to more effectively compete in the current economic environment."

The WellAware RPMA Network delivers the highest level of secure communications for oil and gas applications, according to the company. Security is an increasingly important concern for operators. According to the Dell 2015 Security Annual Report, cyber attacks on SCADA systems, commonly used in oil and gas applications, jumped from 163,228 in 2013 to 675,186 in 2014.

The RPMA network was designed from the ground up to meet the security requirements of critical infrastructure industries, with device and network authentication, encryption and other measures, which have been verified by third-parties and the most demanding customers.

"The oil and gas industry demands an ecosystem of devices and sensors that can deliver remote wireless monitoring of oilfield and pipeline assets," said Kevin Hell, president and CEO, On-Ramp Wireless. "Working with WellAware, we're providing the needed network coverage, security and data capacity to enable IoT solutions that drastically improve operational efficiency."

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