Nuage Networks collaborates with Arista for Open Networking

Industry leaders enable best-of-breed capabilities for policy-driven network automation across data centre assets

Nuage Networks collaborates with Arista for Open Networking

Alcatel-Lucent’s Nuage Networks venture and Arista Networks, both software defined cloud networking providers, have announced a collaboration to enable customers to maximise the benefits of open networking as they expand their cloud infrastructure to address growing IT application demands.

With their respective offerings, Nuage Networks and Arista Networks have enabled customers to build programmable underlays and highly automated SDN overlay infrastructure using industry standard protocols like VxLAN and OVSDB. This collaboration enables a common framework for network automation that integrates virtualised and bare metal assets in the data centre. 

The two companies will offer proven integrated solutions, available immediately. Customers using OpenStack or any other Cloud Management Systems can readily leverage the integrated solution over a varied ecosystem of hypervisors.

“The integration of Arista’s VxLAN programmable platforms with Nuage Virtualised Services Platform (VSP) enables scalable and automated software defined cloud networks. We are pleased to collaborate with a leading SDN innovator like Nuage Networks to deliver seamless workload portability within and across data centres,” said Anshul Sadana, senior VP, Customer Engineering, Arista Networks.

Customers also face the operational realities of visibility and correlation between dynamic overlays and the underlying network infrastructure. Nuage Networks Virtualised Services Assurance Platform (VSAP) working with Arista EOS ensures that the mapping and correlation of policies are combined with visibility of the network infrastructure to deliver timely fault isolation and remediation.

Sunil Khandekar, CEO of Nuage Networks, added: “At Nuage Networks we are aggressively and tirelessly pushing for SDN-powered cloud computing to become a mainstream architecture for high-performance enterprises.

“Working closely with programmable platform providers like Arista, we can now offer customers a powerful best-of-breed solution of policy-driven SDN overlay and DC underlay for building highly automated and responsive private and public clouds for all their applications and workloads.”

Nuage Networks said it continues to work ‘to create a truly open cloud environment for its customers’. On 18 May, Nuage Networks announced the expansion of the Nuage Networks ecosystem programme, a complete ecosystem for Development and Operations (DevOps) clouds based on OpenStack.


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