Motorola boosts TETRA radio system at China’s largest energy export port

Partnership with Qinhuangdao Port upgrades entire TETRA communications system and includes deployment of thousands of TETRA radios to ensure safe and stable port operations

Motorola boosts TETRA radio system at China’s largest energy export port

Motorola Solutions has expanded and upgraded the TETRA digital radio trunking system for Qinhuangdao Port in China. It has also provided the latest TETRA mission critical radios, to further improve the reliability and efficiency of the port's daily operations.

Qinhuangdao Port is currently the largest energy export port in China. As the main hub for shipping coal from the north to the south of the country, it shoulders the responsibility to supply coal for the 'eight provinces and one city' in the south.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the coal wharf, the oil wharf, the miscellaneous wharf and the container terminals of the Qinhuangdao Port, the port's export volumes have increased.

In addition, because the port mainly involves outdoor operations, the workplace is harsh, and both the air's humidity and the salty fog from seawater are heavy, which are corrosive to the equipment.

These factors drive special requirements for radio reliability, durability and corrosion-resistance performance. To meet the demands of these challenging conditions, the port authority decided to expand and upgrade its TETRA system, which will also increase operational efficiency.

The TETRA system provided by Motorola Solutions includes nearly 2,000 units of the MTP3100 portable radio, multiple MTM5200 TETRA mobile radios and a Dimetra Compact system with two base stations.

The upgraded TETRA system has a centralised recording subsystem to ensure clear work assignment and accountability in port dispatch. This provides a solid foundation for safer operations at the port. At the same time, all of Motorola Solutions devices are rugged, reliable and waterproof.

Motorola stated that the MTP3100 meets the industry's highest dust-proof standard of IP6x and is very suitable for the dusty coal wharf. It not only ensures that wharf workers can maintain smooth communication even in the outdoor environment, but also provides a reliable tool for safe operations and timely dispatch.

In the future, Qinhuangdao Port will be able to transmit data using the new base-stations and Motorola Solutions' TEDS-ready MTM5200 mobile radios. The new technology will enable the transmission of location information of the gantry crane, the bridge crane, and the container in the yard, as well as the data of the container's number, goods and other data in real time. This will dramatically improve the port's IT-based and automatic operation capability.

The contract is Motorola Solutions’ second partnership with Qinhuangdao Port. The company also provided TETRA systems to a number of other ports in 2011, including Qinhuangdao, Cangzhou, and Caofeidian.

Michael Jiang, chairman and president of Motorola Solutions China, said: "We have maintained a long-standing, positive partnership with the Qinhuangdao Port. From earning their business in 2011 to the supply of several thousand units of the TETRA devices at the end of 2013, and the beginning of 2014, and again to the expansion and upgrade of the port across the board this year, Motorola Solutions has been striving to provide efficient and reliable digital radio communication solutions for China's port customers."

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