MultiTech showcases latest M2M/IoT modems

IoT Gateway MultiConnect Conduit, SocketModem Cell 4G-LTE cellular modem and MultiConnect Dragonfly Up to be shown at Embedded Systems Conference in Boston

MultiTech showcases latest M2M/IoT modems

Multi-Tech Systems will showcase its newly announced MultiTech MultiConnect Conduit, MultiConnect Dragonfly and its SocketModem Cell 4G-LTE cellular modem at the upcoming Embedded Systems Conference, 6-7 May in Boston, MA. The products will be on display in Symmetry’s booth 27-30.

The MultiConnect Conduit gateway provides configurable, manageable, and scalable communications for industrial IoT applications and is targeted at numerous market segments including, agricultural, industrial, smart cities, and medical.

Each Conduit gateway has the ability to manage thousands of MultiConnect mDots and other sensors and transmit their data over any cellular network to a customer's preferred data management platform.

mDots are inexpensive radios using the new Semtech LoRa, low power, wide area RF modulation. mDots bring intelligence, reduced complexity and BOM cost to the very edge of the network by running ARM's mbed OS on a low power ARM Cortex-M series processor.

MultiConnect Dragonfly, the first ARM mbed programmable cellular system-on-module, is a ready-to-integrate processing and communications device that offers an ARM mbed compatible software library for faster development. This all-in-one compact design allows developers to host their application and have access to a full suite of interfaces for connecting sensors or other remote assets.

The new SocketModem Cell 4G-LTE is PTCRB certified and approved by AT&T as a network ready-to-integrate end device (MTSMC-LAT1) with support for LTE bands 2, 4, 5 & 17 and fallback to 3G-HSPA+.

A certified European model (MTSMC-LEU1) supports LTE bands 3, 7 & 20 with fallback to HSPA+ / GPRS providing always on connectivity across most every European carrier. Network approval testing for Verizon Wireless (MTSMC-LVW2) 4G is in process, supporting LTE bands 4 and 13, and engineering samples are available upon request.

“MultiTech is taking the industry by storm with its state of the art, award-winning products,” said CEO Stefan Lindvall. “We are well positioned to leverage the growing IoT and embedded systems markets and are thrilled with the power of our products.”

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