Aseptika SENSOR I App enables self-monitoring for respiratory conditions

Following successful trials with a UK NHS Trust, the clinical version of Aseptika’s Activ8rlives SENSOR I App for self-monitoring of respiratory conditions is now available on Apple’s App Store

Aseptika SENSOR I App enables self-monitoring for respiratory conditions

Healthcare company Aseptika has introduced its SENSOR I App for iPads to support clinical studies in respiratory research and for those with long-term respiratory conditions who want to self-monitor and self-manage their health at home. Aseptika develops and markets an integrated suite of self-monitoring devices and services under the Activ8rlives brand.

The SENSOR suite of Apps was designed and given a clinical trial in collaboration with an NHS Trust and funded by NHS England. The trial has just been successfully completed in Hampshire, through the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Healthcare programme.

The App was designed for use by people of any age, but is designed to be especially helpful for older patients. The colourful user interface, the step-by-step instructions and motivational messages enable the user to collect 40 vital signs and questions about their daily health, all in less than 10 minutes a day.

The volunteer patients were measured daily without supervision, including lung function by simple spirometry, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate, levels of physical activity and body composition, alongside a number of questions capturing the data routinely requested in paper-based questionnaires, which are generally only undertaken at the start, middle and end of research studies. The response of volunteers (average age 67) on the clinical trial has been highly positive.

The SENSOR I App collects and displays the data on that day for the key vital signs and displays these to the user, but the user is “blinded” to the longitudinal data – useful in clinical research studies. This data is simultaneously uploaded to Activ8rlives’ UK-based web-servers for review as a cohort by clinical teams through a dedicated clinician portal in Activ8rlives.

The ownership of the data is retained by the user at all times, but can be shared (by permission of the user) with the ecosystem of care workers, supporters and family who are involved in their care.

A follow up SENSOR II App will be released shortly in which users in future randomised controlled trials will be unblinded to their longitudinal data. This data will be displayed as charts and bar charts as they record their vital signs on a daily basis to enable them to self-monitor and self-manage their respiratory disease at home and to watch for signs of impending ill health associated with respiratory exacerbations.

Kevin Auton, managing director of Aseptika, commented: “The release of the SENSOR I App via the Apple Store is an important milestone for Aseptika. It supports the increasing use of self-monitoring at home by the patient as policy makers shift the balance of care from hospitals to the home and the community throughout the EU.

“The SENSOR App suite are tools which can be used to facilitate a new partnership between the patient and their clinical teams and complement the new Activ8rlives v3.0 App, which shares many of the same features as SENSOR, but is designed for use by the consumer.”

SENSOR I and the Activ8rlives 3.0 Apps are free to download. There is no charge to the patient for the use of Activ8rlives to securely and confidentially store their data. The decision to share data with clinical teams remains at the sole discretion of the user, the company stated.

Aseptika’s Activ8rlives solutions are device agnostic, incorporating sensors and monitors ranging from consumer accessories to in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) with a focus on respiratory disease. All data is held together and can be cross analysed in the Cloud to provide forecasts and learning for the user and clinician.


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