GRC’s Arion real-time encryption solution extended to commercial TacSat

Global RadioData Communication’s Arion is now certified to provide a commercial TacSat solution to key customer segments through satellite provider Thuraya Telecommunications

GRC’s Arion real-time encryption solution extended to commercial TacSat

Mobile satellite services operator and telecommunication provider Thuraya Telecommunications and communication solutions provider Global Radio Data Communications (GRC) have jointly announced the successful certification of GRC’s Arion solution.

The Arion solution allows for the transmission of real-time encrypted communications directly to an operations room or another network anywhere in the world, be it land or sea, using any IP bearer.

End-users can now experience limitless beyond line of sight broadcast range for their tactical multi-band, encrypted radios, over both Thuraya’s broadband and alternative GSM and Internet service provider networks.

Arion enables operators to remotely control its features, minimising the need to visit equipment in hostile environments and in doing so greatly increases end-user safety. Its capability of passing encrypted voice and situational awareness data through unencrypted radios, allows it to be left unattended in the most strategically advantageous locations.

“Deployed teams need to stay in touch with their operations room regardless of where they are. This key customer segment now has access to encrypted TacSat capability via this solution from GRC which is a key strategic requirement for them,” said Randy Roberts, chief innovation officer at Thuraya.

Iain Pope, managing director of GRC, further commented: “We are delighted to say that the Arion solution is available through an extensive distribution network of service providers around the world. Our solution provides a strategic advantage to our customers in the most demanding environments where line of sight communications is critical but impossible.

“We are pleased to announce this particular partnership with Thuraya which allows our customers to use our mission critical solution in some of the most remote and geographically important areas in the world.”


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