UK railway Wi-Fi boosted by Teclo Networks and Icomera

Icomera deploys Teclo Networks TCP/IP data optimisation solution to improve Wi-Fi speeds on trains for UK travellers

UK railway Wi-Fi boosted by Teclo Networks and Icomera

Teclo Networks has announced that its S-Series TCP/IP data optimisation solution has been deployed by Icomera on some of the busiest rail networks in the UK to further boost Wi-Fi speed and consistency on trains.

Swedish firm Icomera is a public transport Internet connectivity specialist and its in-vehicle cellular router, the X6, intelligently uses all available spectrums, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and satellite to provide travellers with a reliable Internet connection.

Delivering public Wi-Fi, especially on trains, is challenging. Trains travel through areas with less-than-perfect mobile network coverage, while more people than ever before travel on trains and expect Wi-Fi connectivity during their journey. Travellers struggle to receive a strong and consistent enough Internet connection.

Icomera’s X6 delivers a consistent, good quality Wi-Fi service for trains. Some of Icomera’s UK customers, including First ScotRail, have chosen to make their Wi-Fi service even faster and more consistent, with a faster recovery time from lost connectivity than Icomera delivers with the X6 alone. Icomera sold the Teclo S-Series to those customers for their premium on-board service.

The S-Series is a tried-and-tested solution that has been deployed by a number of global Tier 1 carriers to deliver lightning-fast mobile Internet to subscribers. Among others, Iliad owned Free Mobile in France turned to Teclo Networks’ technology to boost its mobile Internet service.

“We’re determined that users should not only be able to connect when and where they want, but that the experience should be an enjoyable one,” said Thomas Roberts, VP Product and Development for Icomera.

“That extra level of Wi-Fi service is exactly what Teclo allows us to deliver. Teclo’s solution delivers a significant boost to Internet browsing speeds and also smoothes recovery after a customer has gone out of coverage.”

Jane Walerud, CEO of Teclo Networks, said: “The mobile Internet is now THE Internet. Rather than fixed-line Internet at home, we’ve all become accustomed to accessing the net whenever we want and wherever we are. It is therefore crucial to ensure that the Internet connection being delivered is reliable, secure and super-fast.

“The S-Series not only speeds up browsing, but also makes the Internet connection more consistent, reducing the number of dropped sessions and smoothing recovery after customers lose coverage for a short time.”


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