NEC becomes Telefónica’s global SMB cloud services integrator

Telefónica to rely on NEC for the management, deployment, operation and support of its Software as a Service platforms and services for the B2B market

NEC becomes Telefónica’s global SMB cloud services integrator

Telefónica Business Solutions and NEC signed a four year agreement today (15 April 2015) that will see NEC become Telefónica's global integrator to enable the delivery of comprehensive cloud services to SMB customers in both Europe and Latin America.

NEC will work on operation, integration and support for the Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms and services that Telefónica offers. This work will use the latest technology, with no additional investment required, and offer the flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

As part of the agreement, NEC will also deploy its new NCBS platform (NEC Cloud Brokerage Suite) across Telefónica's operations in Latin America. This platform enables the rapid deployment of services and the creation of packaged commercial offers, reducing the costs of integrating carriers and significantly shortening the go-to-market time of services.

Juan Manuel Moreno, Telefónica Business Solutions cloud global director, said: "SMBs need to use new ICT technologies to compete and interact with customers in an increasingly digital world, but more often than not they find the technology expensive and difficult to manage.

“To help them in this transformation, Telefónica gives SMBs a way to take full advantage of technology, without the need for additional investment or capacity concerns. The agreement with NEC will enable us to accelerate the deployment of these solutions on a global level, and provide customers the best possible support when using them."

Jaime Serrano, VP NEC Europe Southern Cluster, said: "The experience we've gained over the past few years thanks to Telefónica Aplicateca and more than 20 operators worldwide has helped us to design a very solid Cloud solution that is able to offer a very advanced service experience. In addition, our great capacity for implementation, operation and support has made us one of the largest cloud integrators in the market, which has enabled us to continue to deserve the trust of a large company like Telefónica".

Telefónica has relied on NEC and its SaaS services broker since 2009 to provide cloud services to its business clients in Spain and several Latin American countries. Based on the experience gained in recent years, Telefónica will rely on NEC once more for management, deployment, operations and support at a global level. NEC and its Cloud Competency Centre in Madrid thus consolidates itself as an integrator of cloud services and one of Telefónica's most important suppliers.

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