Microwave Vision’s NeptuLink brings 4G to marine vessels

NeptuLink provides ship-to-shore communication in a radius of approximately 20 nautical miles with access to 100Mbps internet speeds

Microwave Vision’s NeptuLink brings 4G to marine vessels

The Microwave Vision Group (MVG) has launched a new product called NeptuLink designed to provide high speed internet access to marine vessels. The company said that the maritime industry has long demanded a robust and cost effective solution to deliver super fast internet to users whether on land, or at sea.

NeptuLink is designed to meet these communication needs, by bringing super fast internet (100 Mb/s) to maritime users. From ship-to-shore with a 20 nautical mile radius (approx 37km), NeptuLink is suitable for use on board ships and various vessels in coastal areas.

MVG asserts that previous offerings were costly, in the region of €15,000 per installation plus expensive charges for calls and data. NeptuLink is a high quality system which is available to the market for a fraction of the price; at under €1,000 per system.

NeptuLink has been designed specifically with maritime in mind, with reinforced mechanics, it is tailored to withstand the harsh marine environment, high winds, corrosive and often unstable ocean conditions. Through a two antenna transmitter-receiver, the terminals connect to 4G networks or UMTS and GSM where 4G is not available.

NeptuLink allows maritime vessel owners to provide wireless access to everyone on board and maintain optimal communication regardless of humidity, sea salt and spray, rolling and pitching motion or vessel type – it is suitable for fishing boats, yachts, research vessels, wind farms, coast guard and sea rescue vessels.

NeptuLink is the outcome of two years rigorous research in which MVG has partnered with Thales Communications & Security, Alcatel-Lucent, Déti, Telecom Bretagne, supported by the two innovation hubs, ‘Images & Réseaux’ and ‘Mer Bretagne Atlantique’ (project TMS).

NeptuLink has already been awarded two prizes for innovation from Prix Compétitivité mécénat Banexi Ventures et Grand Prix Images & Réseaux mécénat Bpifrance.

Maximum data rates
• Downlink: Up to 100 Mbps (20 MHz bandwidth); up to 50 Mbps (10 MHz bandwidth)
• Uplink: Up to 50 Mbps (20 MHz bandwidth); up to 25 Mbps (10 MHz bandwidth)
• Downlink: Up to 42 Mbps; Uplink: Up to 5.76 Mbps.

• Transceiver unit with antennas
• Connectors: 1 x power connector; 1 x LAN connector
• 2 years warranty
• Mounting: installation kit with corresponding screws; 5m power cable; 5m Ethernet cable.

NeptuLink is available at a price of €929 and it can be pre-ordered now with a discount of €80 (€849). Delivery will begin from 30 April 2015 onwards. For more information, visit: http://www.microwavevision.com/fr/product/sailink.

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