Fastback Networks provides intelligent mobile backhaul for SXSW show

Fastback’s Intelligent Backhaul Radio (IBR) deployed at South by Southwest 2015 by wireless design and construction consultant SWCWC to carry Tier 1 operator traffic

Fastback Networks provides intelligent mobile backhaul for SXSW show

Fastback Networks’ Intelligent Backhaul Radio (IBR) was deployed successfully at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2015, providing the wireless backhaul vital to mobile service for the annual film, interactive, and music event that took place 13–22 March in Austin, Texas, with 230,000 attendees.

Deployed by wireless design and construction consultant SWCWC to carry Tier 1 operator traffic, the Fastback IBR delivered 100% up-time across its 20-day deployment, combined with industry-beating levels of installation speed and ease, interference mitigation and throughput.

“From what we experienced at SXSW this year, Fastback is set to revolutionise the provisioning of bandwidth for temporary events,” said Terry Bruner, president, SWCWC. “The Fastback IBR solved all our challenges at SXSW literally in one swoop. Starting with how quickly it went up and automatically established its link to how impervious it was to obstructions and interference, we were able to do things around the Fastback IBR that absolutely would not have been possible with any other backhaul radio we use.”

The Fastback IBR provided SWCWC with new options for temporary bandwidth provisioning in the following areas:

Deployment speed and simplicity – The IBR was deployed to bring carrier-grade wireless Ethernet traffic from a permanent macro site to a temporary cell site on wheels (CoW). The IBR was mounted and auto-established the required link inside of 30 minutes. There was no need for any manual alignment, which would have required bringing in a man-lift (an impossibility given the highly constricted site location).

Interference tolerance – SWCWC was one of several vendors at SXSW using available frequency in a landscape populated with large numbers of CoWs and Wi-Fi base stations. The IBR interference mitigation feature that dynamically adjusts to the best available frequencies to ensure optimum operation, eliminated the need to revisit the site and manually select new frequencies, enabling the extremely high reliability.

Reliable high performance – The IBR delivered carrier-grade reliability and performance, with 100% uptime for the link during the deployment with available throughput of 675 Mbps. In contrast, SWCWC’s previous backhaul radio solutions typically could not exceed 120 Mbps. The IBR also enabled SWCWC mobile service to benefit from the absolute lowest latency of any backhaul radio available (‹500 μsec).

The IBR handles unobstructed Line-of-Sight (LOS), partially obstructed Near-Line-of-Sight (nLOS) and totally obstructed Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) links with carrier-grade reliability and performance.

“Fastback’s innovative IBR represents a leap forward in unlicensed radio technology,” said Scott McClure, Broadband and Networking Business Unit Director, TESSCO, Fastback’s distribution partner supplying SWCWC. “The IBR non line-of-sight and interference mitigation capabilities combined with high throughput expand the viability of wireless backhaul in challenging locations or environments.”

“Proven in permanent Tier 1 carrier LTE deployments, and at demanding temporary events including the recent Super Bowl and SXSW, the IBR enables organisations to bring high performance, high reliability wireless backhaul to more places, more cost-effectively, than previously possible,” said Stuart Broome, chief sales & marketing officer, Fastback Networks.

“As data traffic demand continues to build dramatically at special events, as well as for permanent mobile infrastructure, providers are turning to the IBR to quickly scale wireless capacity and transform the economics of delivering mobile service anywhere.”


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