Three police forces in Poland deploy Sepura TETRA solutions

The cities of Lodz, Krakow and Szczecin are deploying Sepura TETRA technology for their police forces including STP9000 hand portable terminals

Three police forces in Poland deploy Sepura TETRA solutions

The police forces of the city of Lodz, Krakow and Szczecin in Poland have choosen Sepura TETRA technology for their secure communications. Lodz Police is the first public safety organisation in Poland to benefit from a complete TETRA communication solution by Sepura, which replaces the force’s 13-year old obsolete infrastructure.

The Lodz contract win was achieved in conjunction with Sepura’s established partners SRS Poland and RadioPartners. The solution deployed by Lodz Police comprises FR400 base stations, SICS NET dispatch consoles, a fully redundant central switch and TETRA hand-portable radios with encryption, SDS and packet data functionalities.

The original migration of Lodz had been driven by the objective to increase the efficiency of public safety organisations in the city; one of the main priorities of the recent upgrade was the development of a TETRA network that would enable and facilitate multi-agency communications.

In fact Sepura’s TETRA infrastructure will be shared by the police with a variety of public entities and emergency services organisations such as the fire brigade, the ambulance and the regional crisis management centre.

After extensive user trials the police forces of Krakow and Szczecin deployed Sepura STP9000 hand-portable TETRA radios. Users both police forces were impressed with the radios’ robustness and IP67 rating against dust and water ingress, their battery capacity and extensive range of accessories. In addition, the radios' intuitive user interface met both forces’ specific requirements.

Marcin Bialczak, senior international business development manager for Sepura, commented: “At Sepura we are confident that our field-proven TETRA solutions for public safety will Improve communication coverage and enable the police forces of Lodz, Krakow and Szczecin to deliver a better service to the community that they serve with reliable and secure communications. In addition, Sepura TETRA system, whilst introducing new, advanced and sophisticated features, will also offer drastic cost savings.”

Jonathan Hamill, VP Government and Public Safety for Sepura, concluded: “This trio of successes with the police in Poland confirms and reinforces our global market leadership in the public safety sector. Our cutting edge solutions will not only enable the police forces of Lodz, Krakow and Szczecin to deliver increased productivity and enhanced safety, but will also help them maximise return on their substantial investment in digital communication networks.”

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