Italy’s TI Sparkle adopts Starhome Mach big data solutions

Strategic partnership will enable international services arm of Telecom Italia Group to provide its customers with real-time business management tools and clearing solutions

Italy’s TI Sparkle adopts Starhome Mach big data solutions

TI Sparkle, the international services arm of Telecom Italia Group, has announced a strategic partnership with Starhome Mach, a provider of mobile inter-carrier network and clearing services. TI Sparkle will enhance its service proposition by introducing data clearing and big data solutions to its mobile operator customers globally.

“Thanks to our strategic partnership with a leading player such as Starhome Mach we are able to add tremendous value to our mobile proposition,” said Alessandro Talotta, CEO TI Sparkle. “We are now able to provide our customers with real-time business management tools and clearing solutions that will support them in making better decisions based on real-time information and therefore grow their business.”

“The way the market is evolving demands subscriber information be aggregated from all possible sources in real time into a unified dash board that will increase operators’ business,” said Tal Meirzon, CEO of Starhome Mach. “We are unique in providing this diverse business management value.”

Big Data Solution
These advanced business intelligence tools analyze incoming and outgoing international roaming traffic through algorithms that correlate different types of feeds such as signalling, GRX/IPX, LTE/Diameter, TAP files and Near Real Time file,s but also custom feeds provided by the customer.

Big Data analytics insights provide valuable tools for up-selling promotions to the subscriber customer base such as ad-hoc marketing campaigns, as well as improving quality of service (QoS) and identifying untapped revenue potential. Specifically, the QoS module delivers an all-in-one, real-time business view of all QoS issues and includes the capability to rate roaming partners based on key performance indicators.

The Inbound Market Share module combines network and clearing information to provide operators with the real value of their share of inbound roaming traffic. The Segment Analyzer module identifies the real revenue potential of operators’ high-usage and silent roamers by analyzing network, signalling and clearing information.

Data Clearing Solution
Data Clearing provides a range of clearing services focused on reliable and secure processing of the roaming call events exchanged between mobile operators using the TAP standard: validation, verification, conversion and processing of TAP files as well as reporting functionalities.

The Data Clearing Solution offers several value-added services that allow operators to better manage their wholesale, roaming and billing needs. These include the creation of TAP files and billing interfaces with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and national roaming partners.


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