Motorola Solutions upgrades MTP3000 Series TETRA radios

Enhancements designed to improve ruggedness, coverage and connectivity, while new MTP3500 and MTP3550 radios come equipped with more public safety functionality such as a “man down” sensor, end-to-end encryption and vibrate alert

Motorola Solutions upgrades MTP3000 Series TETRA radios

Motorola Solutions has enhanced its entire MTP3000 Series of hand portable Terrestrial Trunked Radios (TETRA) to make them more durable, with greater audio clarity, and improved coverage and connectivity.

The radios are aimed at mission-critical users who depend on two-way radios for their communications, but who do not necessarily require the full range of features found in Motorola MTP6000 Series radios, for example.

The MTP3000 Series comprises six hand portable radios ranging from the basic entry level MTP3100, the MTP3150 (with full keypad and GPS), MTP3200 (Bluetooth, GPS), MTP3250 (full keypad, Bluetooth, GPS) and the top of the range MTP3500 and MTP3550.

For those in more demanding public safety roles, the new MTP3500 (pictured above) and MTP3550 now come with additional functionality including vibrate alert, end-to-end encryption, and a “man down” sensor to enhance the user’s safety and security.

“The many improvements to the entire MTP3000 Series show our ongoing commitment to TETRA users around the globe,” said Steven Young, vice president, general manager TETRA Subscribers, Motorola Solutions. “From the lone worker to the police officer giving chase, these radios bring the assurance of industry leading audio quality, coverage and performance in a tough, user friendly design that meets a wide variety of operational needs.”

MTP3000 Series: new features and technology

• All MTP3000 Series radios are now rated IP65/66/67 offering long term durability.
• Better coverage, even at extremes of range and inside buildings, is provided through excellent receiver sensitivity and Class 3L (1.8W) transmit power.
• In addition the MTP3000 Series now operates in all TETRA regions with the extension of the UHF model to cover 350–470MHz as well as 800MHz. Exceptional audio ensures users can communicate clearly in the noisiest of working environments.
• Location based services have been enhanced – in addition to improved GPS performance, the MTP3000 series now provides optional support for the Beidou navigation system for Asian markets and Glonass global navigation satellite system (GNSS) for Eastern European markets.
• Optional RFID tag delivers enhanced inventory and asset tracking. Enables indoor location tracking.
• Should the radio or user fall, the MTP3500/MTP3550 “man down” sensor and application activates to summon immediate aid to the location.
• Bluetooth 2.1 pairing between the radio and an accessory or companion device, such as a barcode scanner or smartphone, enables creation of new collaborative solutions.
• Fast, secure Bluetooth 2.1 can replicate the experience of hardwired push-to-talk (PTT) Motorola Solutions wireless connected accessories. All MTP3000 Series radios can limit access to the Bluetooth link for added security.
• MTP3500 and MTP3550 add highly secure, tamper resistant hardware based end-to-end encryption for users who need enhanced protection of information.
• For discreet or covert communications for public safety operations, the MTP3500/MTP3550 vibrate call alert function ensures attention is not drawn to the user.
• The new MTP3500 is available in a limited keypad configuration and the MTP3550 offers users the alternative of a full keypad.

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