Channel 28 offers 4G LTE bonded internet solution for marine sector

UK secure yacht communications provider extends product range with Cell Weaver, which converts 4 x 4G data streams into one single high speed connection to the internet providing yachts with a country specific IP address

Channel 28 offers 4G LTE bonded internet solution for marine sector

Channel 28 Ltd has expanded its product portfolio with the addition of Cell Weaver, a secure, fast internet solution for yachts using 4 x 4G/LTE bonded connections. Cell Weaver is exclusively available through Channel 28 across the marine sector.

With unbonded 4G more commonly found onboard, Cell Weaver provides the industry with a unique, cost effective and secure solution, which optimises the user’s data experience by eradicating many of the limitations associated with unbonded solutions.

Cell Weaver enables a single, fully encrypted fast IP connection to the internet enabling the operation of email servers (typically blocked for 3G/4G connections on board). Localised IP addresses provide guests and crew with access to country specific services including location-based high definition streamed video such as BBC iPlayer or US streamed TV.

Connections are securely bonded and aggregated at data centres located in Hamburg, London, Chicago and Monaco. These data centres, which offer 24-hour support, actively manage and convert 4 x 4G data streams to one single high speed connection to the internet providing the yacht with a country specific IP address.

The 24-hour support desk has secure remote access to the onboard Cell Weaver enabling troubleshooting and diagnostics of any issues with cellular providers and SIM cards. This additional support to yacht crew ensures that the users receive an optimal data experience.

Cell Weaver is a hardware plus subscription service and supports a range of SIM cards, including local pay-as-you-go cards. SIM cards may be hot swapped. The heavy duty aluminium Cell Weaver unit measures 2U x 300mm and has dual power supplies.

Subscriptions costs start from €1,150 per month and include aggregation, data centre and support services.

Channel 28 Ltd is an engineering and software development company focused on delivering programmed products and system solutions across the audio visual, broadcast, medical and marine industries.

Channel 28 products focus on secure yacht communication solutions specifically developed for the marine market sector. Products include C-Comm and its range of secure, digital crew radio and communication solutions, C-Dome, C-Connect and Cell Weaver.

For more information on Cell Weaver click here.

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