IWCE 2015: China’s Excera to highlight professional mobile radio portfolio

Latest Chinese PMR manufacturer looks to break out of home territory by showcasing its analogue, DMR Tier II and III and PDT family of hand portable and mobile radios and repeaters

IWCE 2015: China’s Excera to highlight professional mobile radio portfolio

Chinese professional mobile radio (PMR) manufacturer Excera Technology is to showcase its recently launched DMR and PDT radio products at the IWCE 2015 show in Las Vegas next week (18-19 March 2015).

Excera executive director Edmund Tay said the company is looking for distributors and partners for the worldwide market and noted that Excera also offers OEM/ODM product design and manufacturing services.

Excera specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance professional mobile radios (PMR). It claims to have developed ‘the world first full duplex multimode analogue PDT and DMR portable radios’. Its parent company, Vigor Communication, is a designer and manufacturer of trunking and simulcast infrastructure equipment.

According to the company, Vigor developed the first MPT1327 trunking system in China in 1995 and has been a provider of trunking systems to public safety for more than 20 years. It is also a pioneer member of the PDT standard in China and has developed a family of PDT and DMR products.

DMR portable radio and mobile radio
Excera offers DMR terminals, which meet DMR Tier II and Tier III standard, the products are designed to meet stringent Mil 810 standard and IP67 ratings. The radios are multi-mode, providing both analogue and digital DMR conventional or trunking operation with built-in GPS and Bluetooth wireless technology. The terminals offer full duplex operation in both DMR conventional and trunking mode.

Professional DMR base station and repeater
Excera also offers a high performance repeater and base station, which meets MPT1327, DMR Tier II and DMR tier III standards, the company said. The repeater and base station support multi-mode operation, MPT1327 analogue trunking and DMR conventional, simulcast and trunking operations.

With auto switching between digital and analogue, the system achieves a smooth transition from analogue to digital operation. It is able to support multi-repeater operations, as well as wireless simulcast via IP Interconnect. With the advanced features of local area coverage, as well as wide area coverage, it provides a reliable guarantee for critical communications, Excera asserted.

Multimode analogue-digital trunking system
Excera said it provides a complete system solution from mobiles, portables and infrastructure equipment, as well as numerous applications to support the infrastructure and terminals, such as: dispatcher; GPS mapping; voice recording, etc. via its API architecture.

Its open API allows for third party software and applications to run on its system. The system offers single sites and multi-site operation with seamless roaming capability. It provides high spectral efficiency, strong security, flexible and reliable networking with seamless switching between analogue and digital.

Excera said its products and solutions are suitable for use in public safety, utilities, forestry, transportation, military, harbours, airports, power station and other industries.

Excera Technology can be found at booth 1826 at IWCE.


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