Airangel provides Wi-Fi user location tracking and analytics for AirTight Networks

Airangel’s Wi-Fi-CRM solution will take the API output from AirTight Networks’ Wi-Fi access points to provide real-time user location tracking and analytics to improve customer interaction and engagement

Airangel provides Wi-Fi user location tracking and analytics for AirTight Networks

Airangel, the Wi-Fi-CRM solution provider to hospitality and retail sectors, announced an OEM agreement with cloud Wi-Fi solutions provider AirTight Networks today (10 march 2015). The agreement allows Airangel’s management tool, MyAirangel, to take the API output from AirTight Networks’ access points in order to provide real-time location tracking and analytics for businesses.

This means that guest or customer journeys within a venue can now be mapped and real-time analytics can be used to personalise promotions and increase consumer engagement.

“The integration of MyAirangel with AirTight Networks means that any venue, shop, hotel or conference centre, can now easily analyse wireless network data to help them understand their customers’ behaviour and then implement mobile and digital marketing strategies to generate new business.” said Dean Wilkinson, CEO of Airangel.

“By collaborating with best of breed technology providers such as AirTight Networks, we’re able to deliver innovative solutions in response to the changing demands of our clients and the evolving needs of their customers.”

The joint AirTight/Airangel Wi-Fi solution provides businesses with:

• The option to map guest journeys within the venue through presence analytics and social profiling using data from the API output from AirTight Networks access points.
• Detailed customer analytics offering insight and understanding of the client’s customers’ online behaviours, preferences and interests
• The ability to provide technical integration with the client’s CRM system or loyalty programmes (where appropriate), giving the ability to present tailored personalised communication as soon as the customer walks into a venue.

“Airangel’s pedigree in the hospitality sector in particular will allow the growing AirTight partner community access to businesses who will benefit from the functionality such as PMS integration and embedded billing systems,” added Simon Hollister, regional director EMEA of Airtight Networks.

“We are excited to extend our joint reach beyond retail and distributed enterprise into areas where secure, cloud managed, WiFi with Airangel ultimately is the winning solution.”


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