Airangel looks to boost consumer engagement with latest WiFi-CRM tool

New version of MyAirangel WiFi-CRM management too is designed to enhance the Wi-Fi user experience; both head office and local store management available

Airangel looks to boost consumer engagement with latest WiFi-CRM tool

Airangel launched Version 1.3 of MyAirangel, its WiFi-CRM management tool today (10 March 2015). The product is aimed at giving retailers greater access to mobile users and their data, while in store.

Its new features are designed to give retailers far greater control over how Wi-Fi usage is managed, while significantly improving consumer engagement and increased footfall through personalised promotions and simple login steps.

MyAirangel allows retailers to provide free Wi-Fi access to consumers while displaying their branding and targeted store promotions on login pages. Retailers can choose to either manage their customer Wi-Fi centrally across multiple sites, or locally by individual branch or site managers.

This means that businesses can choose to either implement company-wide Wi-Fi access policies, or devolve control to individual sites, bringing an unprecedented degree of control.

“With the latest release of MyAirangel, we’ve raised the bar in terms of the levels of control and personalisation that retailers can now achieve when providing their customers with WiFi,” said David Riches, technical director at Airangel.

He continued: “It opens up Wi-Fi networks and client communication whilst integrating with existing hardware and industry standard 3rd party applications. And it does all this whilst providing an enterprise-class level of resilience and redundancy.”

In addition, through its new template-based editing tool, MyAirangel allows businesses to quickly and easily create and update personalised and highly targeted promotions on customer login pages, as often as they like. This enables retailers to deliver highly tailored content or offers relevant to specific store locations, such as, different departments, floors, in restaurants or coffee shops.

The new version also features infographic-style reports to provide retailers with a 360 degree view of the entire Wi-Fi estate, giving instant visibility of current Wi-Fi usage, including the number of active users, devices in use and which social media platform they are logged on with.

It also provides detailed demographics to retailers including dwell time, age and gender, as well as access to all the data currently available in the public domain that relates to a consumer’s social media profile.

Key features of MyAirangel V1.3 include:

• Zone-specific portal/login branding (e.g. by floor, department or facility)
• Dashboard-based infographic reporting including ‘Guest Usage’ (new feature)
• WorldPay Corporate payments supported
• Guest login via social media sites or their Microsoft account (new feature)
• Email marketing with MailChimp.
• A full technical specification of MyAirangel can be found at

UK-based firm MyAirangel offers businesses a choice of implementation platforms from leading wireless technology vendors, including Ruckus Wireless, Mikrotik, HP, Coova, Cisco Meraki, and AirTight Networks.

It allows guests to login quickly and easily through their Microsoft or XBOX Live account, or their preferred social media platform, whether Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, which then promotes the store’s brand out to followers and friends.

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