MWC 2015: Rohde & Schwarz adds eMBMS video performance testing

Rohde & Schwarz CMW-PQA test performance quality analysis system now supports eMBMS video performance tests in line with specifications of leading network operators

MWC 2015: Rohde & Schwarz adds eMBMS video performance testing

Rohde & Schwarz announced today (5 March 2015) that it has added eMBMS video performance measurement testing to its CMW-PQA test system. The new solution enables network operators, chipset and wireless device manufacturers and test houses to verify the quality of videos transmitted via eMBMS channels. 

Evolved multimedia broadcast multicast service (eMBMS) is an LTE service that enables simultaneous transmission of videos, mobile TV and other data to multiple users. The test setup integrates the R&S VTE video performance measurement tester into the R&S CMW-PQA test system for performance quality analysis. This combination is already widely accepted among network operators as a solution for assessing the video quality of video over IMS calls. 

Users can measure all key eMBMS video performance indicators in line with leading network operators test plans, including frame rate, visible dropouts caused by dropped frames, picture freeze, playback functionality, audio/video synchronisation (A/V sync) and the user experience as measured by the mean opinion score (MOS) algorithm. The test solution also simultaneously measures the current drain and battery runtime of mobile devices.

The R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester, the core of the R&S CMW-PQA, features an eMBMS test video that is sent to the mobile device via LTE eMBMS for analysis with the R&S VTE video tester. The eMBMS service layer integrated into the R&S CMW500 handles all broadcast and multicast service centre (BMSC) server functions, effectively eliminating the need for an external server as required by other test solutions.

The eMBMS functionality for the R&S CMW PQA test platform covering leading network operator test plans will be available from Rohde & Schwarz in April 2015.


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