MWC 2015: Vodafone Netherlands and Ericsson implement indoor picocell

Vodafone Netherlands is the first operator in the world to deploy the second-generation indoor picocell base stations (RBS 6402) in Vodafone shops

MWC 2015: Vodafone Netherlands and Ericsson implement indoor picocell

Together with Vodafone Netherlands, Ericsson has implemented its second-generation picocell base stations (RBS 6402) throughout Vodafone shops in the Netherlands.

Ericsson said the RBS 6402 is a compact and high-performance indoor picocell radio base station with multi-standard, multi-band capabilities and Wi-Fi support. It installs quickly and easily to boost coverage and capacity in smaller venues such as offices, restaurants, and stores.

As one of Europe's leading operators, Vodafone serves 32 million business customers worldwide and supports companies with its quality services by continuously innovating its business. In the Netherlands, Vodafone serves over 5 million business and residential customers through approximately 400 shops. 

Valter D'Avino, Head of Ericsson's Region Western and Central Europe, said: "As a strategic network supplier to Vodafone, Ericsson is delivering on our promise to work closely with Vodafone to expand their opportunities in the enterprise market with our small cell portfolio."

The RBS 6402 picocell complements the Ericsson Radio Dot System. The RBS 6402 addresses buildings up to 5,000 square meter in size; for larger buildings and venues the Radio Dot solution is preferred.

Smaller buildings and venues have the same mobile broadband coverage and capacity requirements as their larger counterparts. The compact all-in-one design of the RBS 6402 picocell delivers 300Mbps LTE speeds with carrier aggregation, doubling capacity in a tablet-sized footprint. 

Ericsson's range of small cell and carrier Wi-Fi solutions ensures that mobile operators can address any mobile broadband coverage and capacity requirement today and in the future.

High-speed data connectivity within enterprises is essential to support Vodafone customers continued drive for productivity and flexibility. Deployments and upgrades are simple, addressing growing capacity and coverage requirements. The user experience is consistent wherever they go and the indoor network evolves in lockstep with the outdoor network. 

In 2014, Vodafone and Ericsson agreed to closely collaborate to pioneer the deployment of such innovative in-building cellular solutions.

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