MWC 2015: 5G PPP launches vision of 5G future for Europe

5G PPP launches vision of a ubiquitous 5G network that can create a single digital economy and connect people, things and services like never before

MWC 2015: 5G PPP launches vision of 5G future for Europe

5G PPP, the 5G Public-Private Partnership between the European Commission and European industry and research community, launched its inaugural vision paper at Mobile World Congress this week (3 March 2015)/

The paper outlines how 5G will create a single digital economy, and put Europe back in the driving seat with a ubiquitous network that will connect people, things and services based on a plethora of innovation unseen before at such scale.

European society and economic performance will strongly rely on 5G infrastructure in the years beyond 2020. 5G is more than an evolution of mobile broadband technology. It is an enabler for a truly digital society with ubiquitous, ultra-high-speed communications infrastructure that will support all economic sectors as well as ever-growing consumer demand for new services. 

5G is also an opportunity for the European ICT sector, which is already well positioned in the global R&D race and contributes about 5% to Europe’s GDP, to expand its leadership position globally.

To coincide with today’s announcement, 5G PPP industry stakeholders launched its 5G Vision white paper, which can be viewed here and defines the following:

  • The 5G PPP vision for next generation communication networks and services
  • A comprehensive roadmap towards 5G deployment in 2020+
  • How 5G will enable and support new businesses and services
  • The key use case scenarios that 5G will need to support
  • Consensus among 5G PPP members on the role that a wide range of existing and future technologies will play in 5G as well as initial design principles for the system
  • Topics related to 5G spectrum that need further research.

In addition to the 5G vision announcement, EU-funded 5G research will be showcased at Mobile World Congress 2015. Five ongoing European research projects will demonstrate 5G technological progress in areas such as new waveforms, cell densification, usage of spectrum above 6GHz and spectrum optimisation in Hall 8, Booth 0B17. 

Additional 5G demonstrations from European research projects will be held in other locations, including the stands of 5G PPP members Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia.

At a press conference on 3 March, Günther H. Oettinger, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, and the CTOs from Alcatel-Lucent, DoCoMo, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Nokia, Orange, Samsung and Thales Alenia Space shared their perspectives on the goals, market expectations and further developments of 5G.

5G PPP is a collaborative research initiative within the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program, which is the biggest EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation to date. The goal of 5G PPP is to foster industry-led research that is guided by a number of business-related, network performance and societal objectives.

The 5G PPP runs from 2014 to 2020 and is open for international cooperation and participation. The European Commission, with the approval of the European Parliament, has committed €700 million of public funds to support 5G PPP activities from 2014 to 2020. 

Complementary private investment in the order of five times this amount is expected to be provided by industry, small and medium enterprises, and research institutes to realize the 5G PPP vision. Participation by private sector members within 5G PPP is represented by the 5G Infrastructure Association.

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