MWC 2015: PRISMA unveils portable emergency mobile network

EmergencyNET delivers complete a mobile network in a backpack for rapid response in disaster situations

MWC 2015: PRISMA unveils portable emergency mobile network

PRISMA unveiled EmergencyNET, a portable emergency mobile network that enables first responders to restore a cellular coverage in just a few minutes, today (2 March 2015) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Fitting inside a single backpack, EmergencyNET can be deployed in any location or critical situation to reconnect emergency services and those in danger via any mobile phones or smartphones and speed the delivery of emergency and humanitarian relief.

It is common for Police, Firefighters and Civil Protection bodies to use private networks and reserved spectrum for their communications. This approach, while preserving communications integrity, requires specific standards and terminals and, in the event of the standard mobile network collapsing, leaves those in critical situations unable to call for help and communicate with the emergency first responders, and vice versa. 

EmergencyNET recreates a standard GSM/UMTS network in minutes, providing both coverage and the re-establishment of communications between the people involved in the emergency, both helpers and victims.

“Web and mobile technologies now play a crucial role in both the first response and ongoing management of a disaster’s aftermath. Improving the information flow between those involved in critical situations, both helpers and victims, really can save lives,” said Enrico Bendinelli, CTO, PRISMA.

 “We’ve seen that standard mobile networks are vulnerable to emergencies such as an earthquake or a tsunami, where they can collapse in a matter of minutes as a result of power breakdowns, connectivity disruptions or high traffic congestion due to the volume of emergency calls. 

“EmergencyNET is an important addition to the kit bag of those on the front line, who are dealing with the harshest and most extreme conditions that the planet can throw at us.”

Using EmergencyNET, rescuers can communicate with any mobile device with any SIM from any operator. Once connected, all users can perform voice calls, send/receive SMSs or establish data sessions.

The temporary emergency network can act as a Voice Responder which can intercept any call from any victim, giving help and providing more info on emergency management such as, “Send an SMS with your name, current location, number of people involved to 133, we will call you back to manage your rescue”. 

While other emergency mobile network solutions only contain the base station and come packed in multiple boxes, PRISMA’s EmergencyNET, in its backpack version, offers a complete GSM network.

This means that any optionally available Satellite/Ethernet/PSTN connection can be used to backhaul voice, SMSs and data to any device worldwide, while local traffic between users within the emergency cell is completely managed with this single portable network.

While in its backpack configuration, an EmergencyNET mobile network provides mobile coverage for a range of two kilometers for up to eight hours by means of just one battery pack.

You can also see EmergencyNET on the PRISMA booth at Mobile World Congress 2015 (hall 6, stand 6G41).


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