Athonet Smartgrid and 3 Italy provide industrial IoT solution for Enel

Enel’s Federico II power plant in Brindisi has been equipped with a communications platform that delivers dedicated coverage using TDD-LTE wireless technology and integrated communications between personnel, sensors, machines and applications

Athonet Smartgrid and 3 Italy provide industrial IoT solution for Enel

Athonet Smartgrid (a partnership between Athonet and the Enel Group) in collaboration with mobile operator H3G have implemented an innovative dedicated "mission-critical" TD-LTE network for Enel in one of Europe's largest power plants

The project including the coverage of the entire indoor/outdoor area, underground rooms and a coal storage dome construction site. Enel, a multi-national power company, is utilizing the network at its Federico II power station in Brindisi (Italy) to implement services for predictive diagnostics, workforce management, machine automation and, last but not least, safety of all operations in the power plant and construction site.

This innovative installation is based on our PriMo LTE Packet Core (EPC) that implements a distributed software-based mobile network, referred to as NFV, Network Function Virtualization.

Our PriMo EPC can be centralized or it can be pushed all the way out to the enterprise, providing guaranteed service for mission-critical applications since local communications will continue running in case of backhaul disruption.

PriMo also provides very low latency services that are the key enabler for real-time industrial automation, safety-at-work (wearable sensors), real-time video/audio (e.s. video surveillance) as well as normal Intranet applications since the network is fully integrated with the customer's ICT infrastructure.

PriMo is also customizable, since it has been developed fully in-house, and the customer's ICT department is able to control the network via a simple web-based interface which greatly simplifies operations.


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