Ericsson introduces new model to redefine network control and analytics

Network control model combines SDN with network management, policy control, user data management and analytics to create and integrated control layer for network and cloud

Ericsson introduces new model to redefine network control and analytics

Ericsson is pioneering a new model for network control that will increase efficiency of the operator infrastructure by enhancing network programmability. This should lead to faster service deployments, reduced costs for operators and an improved user experience.

The redefined common control plane for the network and cloud is augmented with real time user and network analytics and correlated insights from a consolidated user data base.

Caroline Chappell, principal analyst for Heavy Reading said: "There are large cost saving and revenue generating advantages to telcos from consolidating their sources of network data, using such data intelligently to drive operational automation and exposing it for monetization purposes.

“Bringing together all the components that support such a strategy, including a big data and analytics platform, network management, NFV orchestration, SDN and policy control is inherently difficult, so an integrated solution is of great interest to the market."

Jan Häglund, VP and Head of Product Area Network Analytics & Control, Ericsson, said: "By enabling the network control layer to draw on a richer set of information than has been traditionally done, we are equipping service providers to offer real time adaptation to consumer, business and application needs"


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