Airbus delivers secure mobile broadband services to Finland

Deployment of Tactilon Suite to State Security Networks Group in Finland complements existing TETRA public safety radio network VIRVE by using commercial broadband mobile networks

Airbus delivers secure mobile broadband services to Finland

Airbus Defence and Space has delivered the mobile core network solution Tactilon Suite for the Finnish authorities’ nationwide TETRA two-way radio network VIRVE, operated by the State Security Networks Group.

The company described the Tactilon Suite as an important element that will complement the secure radio communications of the existing TETRA network, allowing the introduction of additional commercial broadband services in a secure manner. Using the Tactilon Suite, subscribers can be managed in both narrowband and broadband networks, including mobile operator networks.

The new solution has been developed by Airbus Defence and Space, together with its partner the Italian firm Athonet, using its PriMo mobile LTE packet core (EPC) product.Itwill help to establish hybrid network services, which combine professional mobile radio (TETRA) with commercial and dedicated broadband (LTE) services.

Based on this Secure MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) approach, public safety organisations like the police, rescue services, and the border guard in Finland will gain secure and trusted mobile access to new broadband applications, using for example video and mobile office applications, without compromising the security of their operations.

In particular, the Tactilon Suite provides security and asset management and supports secure integration into mobile operator networks. Public safety customers will therefore benefit from ‘multi-network availability’: instead of making separate deals with several network operators, the Tactilon Suite will allow the operator to offer its subscribers a one-stop shop for secure broadband capacity, where each device gets the best available connection.

Nicole Lecca, Head of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space, said: “Many of our public safety customers are looking for a flexible way to enhance mission critical communications with broadband data. They need mobile broadband solutions that provide them with higher service availability, security and better integration with existing narrowband networks like VIRVE in Finland. The Tactilon Suite is a perfect vehicle for them to combine the best of professional mobile radio and broadband.”

The cooperation between Airbus Defence and Space and the State Security Networks Group on the development of Secure MVNO started in January 2014 with the goal of making mobile broadband available for public safety professionals on a nationwide scale.

“That approach will allow Finnish public authorities to use broadband applications and services anywhere in Finland, always using the best available connection or network,” said Sami Orakoski, CEO of VIRVE Products and Services Ltd, a subsidiary of the State Security Networks Group. 

“Instead of building a new infrastructure, Secure MVNO takes advantage of existing commercial broadband services. This is an essential strategic step towards the future of public safety networks in Finland.”

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