MWC 2015: Kathrein presents macro and indoor sector antenna solutions

Kathrein to showcase several new antenna systems, development projects and K-BOW Micro C-RAN indoor coverage system

MWC 2015: Kathrein presents macro and indoor sector antenna solutions

Under the banner of "Smart Investment – Superior Value", Kathrein will showcase its intelligent solutions for the technological challenges in the macro and indoor sector at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (2-5 March 2015). 

A highlight is the interactive Kathrein Smart City, demonstrating for the first time via a 3-D model how Kathrein technology heralds a new chapter for indoor network capacity. 

Various forms of technology are converging and becoming ever more complex. Data volumes are exploding, and customers have increasing expectations in terms of network availability, reliability and quality. This in turn means that future wireless networks must provide even higher performance and efficiency, as well as more flexibility. At the fair, Kathrein showcases its solutions for these challenges. 

The company has developed several new antenna systems for optimised macro cell supply. "Among other systems, we're also showing a model for the seminal 3300 MHz to 3800 MHz LTE frequency range, enabling high data throughput," said Manfred Steinbacher, Head of Mobile Communication.

The latest generation of antennas is equipped with innovative sockets providing several benefits – reduced space requirements, outstanding electrical and mechanical characteristics, and optimum protection from damage for contact surfaces during installation. 

Development projects break new ground

Kathrein will also be showing several development projects, including an antenna system with a pioneering design, highly compact dimensions and optimised wind load. The system simultaneously covers two low band (698-960 MHz) and two high band ranges (1695-2690 MHz). 

With a further development project, mobile communication filter technologies such as combiners and DTMA are integrated compactly behind the antenna, providing benefits such as simplified mounting and improved design.

Kathrein will also be presenting a new solution for wireless fronthaul between buildings. The system operates in frequency ranges from 60 GHz, enabling data transmission rates of up to 10 Gbit/s. 

K-BOW for indoor mobile experience

With the K-BOW Micro C-RAN system, Kathrein shows how capacities can be flexibly and dynamically provided indoors according to momentary requirements. 

"With this solution, mobile operators and building owners can optimally meet customer demands in buildings, and also rapidly respond to changing user behaviour," said Torsten Wulff, Head of the Kathrein Filter business unit that developed K-BOW. The Micro C-RAN system is multi-operator, multi-band and multi-standard compliant, and also supports LTE MIMO.

3-D model demonstrates K-BOW performance capability

Visitors are able to experience K-BOW functionality live. "We'll be taking visitors on a fascinating trip into the future," said Dr. Michael Weber, CTO of the Kathrein Group. "For the first time, our new interactive Kathrein Smart City simulates how indoor mobile communications continuously adapt throughout a 24-hour day cycle, and how K-BOW dynamically and flexibly manages capacities."

The company said it is currently preparing series production. The system will become available on the market for customers in the second half of the year.


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