MWC 2015: Ranplan launches iBuildNet Tablet for RF planning

iBuildNet Tablet Planner enables engineers to undertake small cell RF planning and optimisation on site

MWC 2015: Ranplan launches iBuildNet Tablet for RF planning

Ranplan will be launching iBuildNet Tablet Planner designed to reduce the time and cost of radio planning at Mobile Wold Congress 2015. The new iBuildNet Tablet Planner is an automated, on-site standalone planning and optimisation tool for small cell deployments.

It adds to Ranplan’s current suite of iBuildNet software tools for outdoor/indoor small cell, HetNet and DAS wireless network planning, design and optimisation that use advanced 3D building modeling and radio propagation simulation.

“There is growing demand for a standalone tool that allows installers to plan and optimise a wireless network automatically on-site, reducing the time and cost in deploying indoor small cell networks,” said Graham Peel CEO of Ranplan. “iBuildNet Tablet Planner provides a rich functionality set unique to the market, such as automatic network design and on-site generation of multiple reports.”

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