Portalify helps deliver Finnish multi-agency field commanding system

KEJO solution will enable police, border guard, fire, ambulance, military and customs organisations to carry out operations on multiple form factor devices

Portalify helps deliver Finnish multi-agency field commanding system

Patria, Portalify (a Sepura company) and Codea have delivered a nationwide multi-agency field commanding system to the Finnish Ministry of Interior (MoI).The solution will be delivered by the Portalify consortium as a multi-authority project for field command and control systems, identified by the acronym KEJO. 

It will enable multi-agency field operations spanning police, border guard, fire and rescue, ambulance, military and customs organisations, comprising 25,000 users across the whole country. Portalify’s KEJO solution is the most advanced and revolutionary of its kind for field-based command and control in Europe.

The KEJO system, which targets highly flexible mobile command operations, will enable Finland’s diverse user groups to carry out their operations on multiple form factor devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, vehicle-based mobile data terminals and other platforms, based on extensive support for wide ranging wireless operating systems.

In addition, communications between field users and control room operatives will be fully enabled through multi-network broadband, wideband and narrowband technology support, including LTE, 3G, GPRS and secure TETRA communications.

The Portalify solution will also be deployed in end user control rooms and will include the company’s integrated applications for locating and tracking resources, dispatching tasks, messaging and also for receiving real-time status updates.

Field users will also be able to request and instantly receive information from remote multi-agency IT systems using advanced mobile query functions sent directly from their mobile devices.

KEJO’s revolutionary solution, the first of its kind in Europe, builds upon Portalify’s longstanding relationship with the Finnish MoI in the successful deployment of the first generation POKE field-based command systems. This contract places Sepura to provide the next generation of field command solutions for public safety users.

Portalify, part of the Sepura Group, provides complete end-to-end mobile workforce solutions fulfilling network and device agnostic requirements. Its applications are used for dispatching, messaging, vehicle and person tracking, remote interrogation of legacy IT, database and other back-office systems plus mission critical picture message alerting and emergency 112.


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