Cloudberry Mobile offers zero-cost hosted small cell networks to MNOs

Small cells-as-a-service offering allows mobile network operators to solve coverage headache for enterprises and consumers

Cloudberry Mobile offers zero-cost hosted small cell networks to MNOs

Cloudberry Mobile, the small cell network operator, has announced its zero-cost, hosted small cells solution that allows network operators to address coverage blackspots.

The company noted that while many enterprises and consumers are facing coverage problems, operators have struggled with the necessary specialist integration skills and business models to deploy small cells. 

Cloudberry believes its years of small cell network deployment expertise, allows the company to rapidly integrate and deploy hosted small cells for any network operator with no upfront costs – providing a rapid solution to the increasing problem of poor mobile network coverage.

An increasingly mobile generation has emphasised a pitfall in network capabilities - a challenge which Cloudberry has successfully risen to. In the UK alone, 30% of subscribers experience having no or poor coverage, according to Ofcom. 

“This is a substantial figure for any advanced country that has its finger on the pulse when it comes to technology and we want to make sure that this is no longer the reality for developed and emerging economies”, says Tom Guldberg, CEO, Cloudberry Mobile.

While pioneering small cells-as-a-service in Europe, Cloudberry said it is also working in emerging markets to address coverage as a significant barrier to mobile phone adoption. 

“Coverage has always been the bone of contention in the consumer - operator relationship and the proliferation of smartphones and data usage has only served to exacerbate the issue. With our hosted small cells, consumers get what they want and operators get what they need to create the ultimate seamless service delivery,” continued Guldberg. 

The Cloudberry solution involves minimal installation at no expense to the operator. Cloudberry installs and monitors the device by hosting a small cell gateway and operating logistics remotely with no interference to the ongoing core network which, allows operators to focus on core revenues.

In spite of this, operators still maintain control of their network with the ability to view and control all small cells that sit within their infrastructure

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