The ULE Alliance begins certification of DECT ultra low energy products for IoT

Aim is to ensure interoperability of wireless Internet of Things devices that use DECT-based ultra low energy technology for the Smart Home market

The ULE Alliance begins certification of DECT ultra low energy products for IoT

The ULE Alliance, a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland, which promotes the worldwide adoption of the innovative ULE (Ultra Low Energy) wireless technology for IoT, is pleased to announce the launch of the ULE Certification Programme. Members of the alliance are invited to submit their products for certification.

The ULE Alliance supports OEMs developing IoT solutions utilising ULE’s technological superiority in communication range, interference free operation, voice and video capability, resulting in a simple home area network architecture and devices, which are easy to install and use.

The certification programme underpins the technological advantages for IoT and extends a high degree of interoperability, inherited from the reliable and worldwide-adopted DECT technology.

“Wireless ULE technology enables companies to offer new value add services and generate new revenue streams,” said René Kohlmann, chairman of the ULE Alliance (pictured above). “The Certification Programme establishes ULE as the key networking technology for the emerging Smart Home IoT market.”

The goal of the ULE Certification Programme is to assure market stakeholders such as carriers, retailers, and end users that OEM products conform to a set of standards that add value to wireless IoT devices. It ensures interoperability of devices across multiple manufacturers and enforces a high quality requirement for product operation to achieve consistent user experience.

Members of the Alliance can certify ULE devices with the authorised Certification Laboratory and Qualification Body, AT4 Wireless in Spain. The Certification Handbook, a set of documents, which detail the programme’s regulations and certification processes, can be accessed on ULE Alliance website at

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