AlarmTILT deploys tyntec mission critical SMS technology

AlarmTILT uses all available channels, including SMS, to alert groups of people and manage real-time responses and acknowledgements for emergency communication services

AlarmTILT deploys tyntec mission critical SMS technology

Mobile interaction specialist tyntec is working with AlarmTILT to provide SMS technology for emergency communication services. AlarmTILT, a product brand of M-PLIFY, specialises in alert management and in particular mission-critical communications which rely on timely delivery in order to function effectively.

AlarmTILT uses all available channels, including SMS, to call, invite, organise, synchronise and inform groups of people and manage real-time responses and acknowledgements. tyntec’s proven track record of high quality and service guarantee combined with its message transmission technology ensures that 97% of SMS text messages are delivered within 60 seconds.

Mission-critical SMS text messages are the most efficient tool for simultaneously alerting customers in the case of an emergency. A phone call can be useful in such situations, but SMS text messages can be read multiple times which is vital to double check details, re-read directions or identify follow-up procedures included in the message.

The Luxembourg Government’s Highway Department uses AlarmTILT to manage its communication with personnel in charge of clearing the roads. For example, if there is snow or ice on the roads or a tree has fallen, staff are notified by different channels, such as SMS, and can immediately travel to the scene to rectify the problem. Similarly, a lot of financial institutions in Luxembourg use it to manage their communication during emergency situations such as a power outage.

Izidor Ciglar, CEO of M-PLIFY, said: “Using high-quality SMS which we know will be delivered in a timely manner is a key differentiator for us. The time-sensitive nature of cases in which we deploy these messages mean the people involved need to be brought up to speed as quickly as possible.

“Working with tyntec has allowed us to have confidence in the speed and efficiency of the SMS delivery process and know that our customers are seeing the benefits in their emergency response.”

Thorston Trapp, CTO and co-founder of tyntec, said: “tyntec’s SMS technology lends itself perfectly to this type of work. We set the industry standard by pioneering the service level agreement so that customers like M-PLIFY can rely on us to deliver time-sensitive, critical information with quality assurance, no matter what the mission entails, ranging from disaster management, rapid transaction and beyond.”


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