New Aerohive 802.11ac AP provides Gigabit Wi-Fi for extreme outdoor scenarios

New Aerohive AP1130 802.11ac access point expands connectivity to outside world, delivering high-speed survivable Wi-Fi in extreme locations and conditions

New Aerohive 802.11ac AP provides Gigabit Wi-Fi for extreme outdoor scenarios

Aerohive Networks has announced the arrival of a new outdoor Gigabit Wi-Fi 802.11ac access point. Designed to meet the growing demand for outdoor high-speed connectivity, the new Aerohive 802.11ac AP1130 provides highly resilient network access even in extremely challenging physical environments.

The AP1130 is designed to further reduces obstacles to 802.11ac adoption by offering Gigabit Wi-Fi beyond the constraints of the office walls and delivering on the market requirement to be always on and always connected, regardless of location and condition.

With the demand for always-on connectivity, ubiquitous mobility is no longer a convenience – it’s an expectation. Recognizing this reality, many organisations are investing in 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi to fulfill the requirement of high-speed, reliable and resilient connectivity in all locations (internal and external).

Additionally, as the Internet of Things (IoT) megatrend continues to explode, all Internet-connected devices, such as surveillance systems and building sensors and temperature monitors, will require not only high-speed, high-capacity network connectivity, but also external connectivity that can withstand a range of physical environments and adapt to variable conditions.

Lightweight and elegantly designed, the AP1130 provides easy installation in the most challenging of places and has been crafted with LEDs that monitor client and backhaul connections, supported by accurate audible and visual tuning mechanisms for positioning directional antennas over long-range, point-to-point mesh connections.

The AP1130 joins Aerohive’s AP family of Wi-Fi designed to provide connected access for the most extreme conditions and climates. For example, Sumitomo Metal Mining Pogo in Alaska operates with the help of Aerohive’s AP170 in temperatures from minus 50 below to above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, Aerohive’s AP’s enabled the International Non-governmental Organizations (INGO) teams working in Haiti after the country’s 2010 catastrophic 7.0 earthquake to coordinate medical programs, mass-burial efforts and UN and US military duties.

The AP1130 is also equipped with both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and DC input options, and can be deployed using almost any power source, including batteries or solar/wind power.

The AP1130 provides powerful tools to create connectivity anywhere – including long distance point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links. With an integrated buzzer to assist with antenna alignment and latency controls to assure high-speed transmission across distance, as well as certified omni-directional and high-power directional antennas, the AP1130 is ready for any type of deployment, Aerohive claims.

With introduction of the outdoor AP1130 AP, Aerohive said its solutions are designed to withstand the demand of the mobile-first world. Aerohive’s 802.11ac platform can now be deployed both indoors and outdoors, while enabling effortless expansion on the network and maintaining a consistent, secure set of policies that can be rolled out across the entire organisation.

“Today, outdoor access is required by almost every line of business such as warehousing, manufacturing and logistical organisations,” says Adam Conway, vice president of product management, Aerohive.

“This is especially true in challenging physical environments, where Wi-Fi has become the primary access method for many specialised devices and systems used for location monitoring, security and control. The new AP1130 is designed to address this area of connectivity where 802.11ac is a staple to support the mobile-first business and commerce of today.”

The AP1130 is available today starting at $1,399 US list price.

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