Peplink helps GNO Accessories improve internet access for super yacht industry

Automatic bonding and failover capability helps luxury yachts to seamlessly roam between radio data services, 3G/4G, satellite and port based Wi-Fi connectivity

Peplink helps GNO Accessories improve internet access for super yacht industry

Peplink technology is being used to help luxury yacht owners’ benefit from enhanced internet connectivity. Peplink is a specialist in developing internet load balancing and VPN bonding solutions.

The Peplink and Pepwave technology is being used by GNO Accessories, a specialist in products and services for the marine sector, to upgrade communication capabilities within luxury yachts to provide simpler and more effective internet access which is “always on” without constant maintenance and input from the already busy crew.

Based in Dublin and operating throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, GNO Accessories has been serving the marine industry with critical electronics parts and servicing for over three years.

In recent times, demand for internet access has led to GNO installing a number of short range radio antennas along the coast offering unlimited data access to yachts in port and up to 10km out at sea.

In addition, GNO has been upgrading a growing number of yachts with 3G/4G modems and routers to improve on-board internet connectivity. Pepwave devices are able to replace not only multiple routers, but also expensive service selectors and firewalls.

“However, the consumer class devices that allow switching between connections or bond capacity are just not up to the job,” explained Sam Norris, managing director of GNO Accessories.

“They tend to require a lot of manual reconfiguration and often fail to properly switch over, which is of particular annoyance to yacht charters that have promised internet access to their paying guests.”

GNO started examining alternatives and discovered Peplink while visiting a customer. “The Peplink solution is a ruggedised unit and all of the switching and bonding functions are policy based and highly automated,” explained Norris.

“The units are also able to seamlessly integrate with the existing systems aboard each vessel so that any satellite, radio or Wi-Fi access points are unaffected by the installation but able to benefit from instant switching and bandwidth bonding.”

To date, GNO has upgraded four yachts to the Peplink solution including vessels built by Sunseeker, Palmer Johnson and Sanlorenzo. “There are approximately 50 vessels that we work with on a regular basis that we are approaching with proposals to upgrade existing internet access systems to take advantage of the simplicity and flexibility offered by Peplink,” said Norris.

Peplink routers and access points allow Ethernet, satellite, DSL, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks to be bonded together forming a single aggregated resilient link to increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, and reduce costs. The Peplink portfolio also includes a number of innovative cloud based management and monitoring tools.

Peplink has established distribution agreements and a network of partners across the region serving flagship customers including first responders, logistics companies and construction companies. Peplink technology also forms a critical component of a number of innovative projects within mobility and education.


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