Vodafone and Ericsson deploy first Radio Dot System at Dutch university

Vodafone becomes the first operator in the world to commercially deploy Ericsson Radio Dot System at Radboud University

Vodafone and Ericsson deploy first Radio Dot System at Dutch university

Vodafone Netherlands has deployed the Ericsson Radio Dot System at Radboud University, Netherlands, the first live enterprise deployment of the system.

The system improves indoor performance for mobile broadband users, removing bottlenecks by providing coverage to different kinds of users in medium to large indoor locations using an innovative antenna element - a radio dot - which enables high performance mobile broadband.

Mallik Rao, chief technology officer, Vodafone Netherlands, said: "Enterprise customers are an important part of our business and addressing their need for fast and reliable indoor mobile connectivity is high on our agenda. The Ericsson Radio Dot System is an efficient way of enhancing our indoor coverage and capacity."

The recently-released Ericsson ConsumerLab report "Business Users Go Mobile" reveals that the need for indoor coverage has increased and needs to be improved. 9 out of 10 decision-makers agree that indoor data traffic over 3G/4G/LTE has increased compared to two years ago.

Arun Bansal, VP and Head of Business Unit Radio, Ericsson, said: "As a strategic network supplier to Vodafone, Ericsson is delivering on our promise to work closely with Vodafone to expand their opportunities in the enterprise market with the Ericsson Radio Dot System.

“The system is a key differentiator of Ericsson's Mobile Enterprise strategy to empower mobile and converged operators to deliver integrated cloud, connectivity and communications as-a-service to their enterprise customers."

At Mobile World Congress 2014, Vodafone agreed with Ericsson to closely collaborate to pioneer the deployment of such innovative in-building cellular solutions. This led to the first live call being made in October 2014 on such a system deployed in Vodafone Netherlands.

The Ericsson Radio Dot System is an integral part of Vodafone's new enterprise in-building solutions portfolio, an innovation to solve limited in-building mobile coverage and capacity without relying on the availability of macro coverage outside the building.

High-speed data connectivity within enterprises is essential to support Vodafone consumers' continued drive for productivity and flexibility. The Ericsson Radio Dot System leverages the same industry-leading features found in Ericsson's macro base station, including carrier aggregation and combined cell for WCDMA and LTE.

Deployments and upgrades are simple, addressing growing capacity and coverage requirements, according to Ericsson. The user experience is consistent wherever they go and the indoor network evolves in lockstep with the outdoor network.

Ericsson Radio Dot System also supports integration with Ericsson's carrier Wi-Fi portfolio enabling features such as real-time traffic steering to ensure the best user experience across both Wi-Fi and 3GPP networks.

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