Nokia opens mobile broadband security centre in Berlin

Test laboratory will help operators protect networks against increasing security threats and provides hands-on experience with Nokia’s security portfolio, live demos of potential attacks and their prevention

Nokia opens mobile broadband security centre in Berlin

Nokia opened the doors of its Nokia Security Centre in Berlin today (10 Decekber 2014). The Centre is an advanced mobile broadband security complex that combines a research laboratory and demo centre with conference facilities. The Centre is a hub of leading expertise focused on creating robust telco security.

Equipped with its own fully-operational 4G/LTE test network, the Centre provides a platform for cooperating with mobile network operators, partners, governments and academic institutes to develop and share security know-how and expertise.

Heavy increase in security challenges
Security threats are growing as networks become all-IP and heterogeneous with LTE and small cells as well as move to the cloud. Challenges are compounded by the rising number of smartphones in use and because mobile networks and their users are increasingly targeted by criminals.

The number of mobile malware items recently reached two million unique samples, double that of just six months earlier. For the first time, mobile malware growth exceeded that of malware targeted at PCs. Threats to mobile networks include eavesdropping, web session hijacking, software backdoors and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

The Nokia Security Centre will give an insight into this wide range of threats and help mobile operators protect their network infrastructure, services and users. Strong security attracts new customers, reduces churn and increases mobile operator revenues.

Nokia security expertise helps operators tackle threats
Nokia’s in-depth expertise and experience combined with the Centre’s live network and facilities for comprehensive network testing from the core to the device will help tailor solutions for mobile operators.

The full range of Nokia security solutions is implemented at the Nokia Security Centre, including partner products from Check Point, F-Secure, Infoblox, Insta DefSec, Juniper Networks and Optenet.

Patrick Donegan, chief analyst, Heavy Reading, said: “As IP becomes all pervasive and as security threats become increasingly diverse and sophisticated, network operators can no longer rely on traditional security models. The new Nokia Security Centre in Berlin is an important milestone in supporting operators as they seek to respond to the challenges of the new security landscape.”

Marc Rouanne, executive vice president, Mobile Broadband, Nokia Networks, said: “The Nokia Security Centre is the vital next stage in our strategy to make mobile broadband security a key differentiator for our company. Nokia is designing all its products with security built-in and is continuously expanding its security portfolio with our own developments as well as with qualified partner products. Our solutions improve the security of our digital society.”

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