HP and Alcatel-Lucent strengthen global alliance

Expanded partnership integrates Alcatel-Lucent products into HP solutions to deliver enhanced customer experience

HP and Alcatel-Lucent strengthen global alliance

HP and Alcatel-Lucent have announced an expansion of their global alliance to help the world’s largest organisations and service providers build network-enabled, distributed cloud solutions to create new business opportunities and greater efficiencies, while improving customer service.

The partnership incorporates selected Alcatel-Lucent IP routing and optical products into HP’s existing routing and storage portfolios, allowing organisations to more efficiently leverage the convergence of IT and telecommunications to realise reduced complexity and greater agility.

“HP and Alcatel-Lucent’s expanded alliance demonstrates our deep joint commitment to help large organisations and service providers transform and disrupt their respective industries and markets,” said Antonio Neri, senior vice president and general manager, HP enterprise group.

“We do this by taking each other’s best-in-class flagship products from our respective IT and networking portfolios, to deliver a unique set of data centre and network solutions that reduce complexity, lower OPEX and boost agility to accelerate innovation of new products and services.

“This expanded alliance with HP allows us to continue doing what we do best – building networks that help meet our customers’ objectives. And it will allow us to leverage the strengths of both companies to increase the value we deliver to those customers,” said Basil Alwan, president Alcatel-Lucent IP Routing and Transport.

“Together, we will continue to innovate and offer large enterprises and service providers the industry’s most agile and flexible solutions with the right performance and economics for the cloud era.”

Increased business agility with new wide-ranging storage solutions
HP Storage will extend its solutions between data centres to provide joint HP and Alcatel-Lucent customers with fully validated end-to-end business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

These solutions will enable customers to enhance flexibility within the data centre and stay agile in deployment, while meeting regulatory, security and compliance challenges.

HP and Alcatel-Lucent have certified long distance synchronous, low-latency replication using HP 3PAR RemoteCopy for distances up to 130 kilometres. The solution components include HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage, HP 3PAR Remote Copy software, HP StoreFabric Storage Networking and Alcatel-Lucent 1830 PSS optical products.

Enhanced scalability using Alcatel-Lucent IP service routers
HP Networking is expanding its WAN router portfolio for large organisations with the targeted adoption of selected Alcatel-Lucent Carrier-grade routers. The additional capabilities provide the greater scale needed for transformative WAN solutions by large organisations for the new style of IT, while strengthening HP to deliver high quality, end-to-end network solutions.

HP is targeting the second quarter of 2015 as the first ship date for the Alcatel-Lucent routers.

Next generation platform offerings
Alcatel-Lucent has comprehensively adopted HP IT technologies and HP supply chain efficiencies. Alcatel-Lucent has also recently joined as a member of the HP’s Early Access Forum for HP Helion, HP’s open-source, distributed cloud computing platform based on OpenStack technology.

As a result, Alcatel-Lucent offers more sophisticated solutions that are based on common technologies helping customers exploit the advantages of standards-based server, processor, and operating system technologies.

Alcatel-Lucent and HP deepen partnership in IT transformation
Since the original agreement in 2009, HP has been a key partner in Alcatel-Lucent’s strategic IT transformation by providing advanced infrastructure and services that deliver higher performance and greater efficiency.

The transformation includes the move of future applications hosted in the cloud, including the rationalisation of applications and data centre sites. HP and Alcatel-Lucent are also working collaboratively to drive IT service management improvements, including a world-class security framework and end-user satisfaction, and have initiated joint innovation programmes for mobility and cloud services.


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