DAMM makes ‘significant’ go-to-market investments in PMR

Damm Cellular Systems continues to invest in its TetraFlex TETRA infrastructure, integrated applications and TETRA over LTE

DAMM makes ‘significant’ go-to-market investments in PMR

Damm Cellular Systems announced today that it is continuing to invest significantly in go-to-market and development of its TETRA two-way radio infrastructure portfolio in order to strengthen its position in the Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) market.

The Danish company said it is expanding its local presence in South East Asia, as well as Latin America, and it is also expanding its premises in Denmark by a further 350 sq. metres of space

Kjeld Pharao, CEO of DAMM, stated: “With new technologies and proprietary non-standardised solutions emerging, we believe that the market is truly looking for a state-of-the-art future-proof solution in critical communication.

“With our full product portfolio offering TETRA infrastructure, integrated applications, as well as TETRA over LTE via soft terminal, the evolution has already begun. We expect to continue the path of decentralised architecture, offering intelligent solutions enabling customers to think big, start small and scale fast.”

Damm Cellular System published the Annual Report today (2 December 2014), showing another year with solid performance and strong roadmap to continuously strengthen the company's position in the market.

Allan Detlefsen, director of sales and marketing, elaborated: “We offer the benefits of a full product programme with indoor and outdoor infrastructure, with the 100% IP-based distributed architecture. Based on TETRA we enable customers to use the best system available at any time.

“This is done by easy-to-use built-in features like TetraFlex Group Bridge connecting to analogue systems, and by using TetraFlex Clients for non-critical voice and data communication via LTE.”

The full DAMM solution utilises a decentralized infrastructure, integrated applications, and TETRA over LTE.

The company claims its TetraFlex system is the most scalable and intelligent IP based digital TETRA radio infrastructure available. It comes complete with outdoor and indoor base stations, comprehensive features, as well as integrated software such as network management, voice and data recording and full dispatch application.

TetraFlex provides reliable, fast and disruption-free TETRA data and voice communication for mission critical operations, DAMM asserted. The 100% IP-based distributed architecture gives full flexibility in site and capacity expansions - even during operation. User-friendly advanced API enables seamless integration into third party systems such as dispatcher solutions.


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