Aerohive and Cloud4Wi partner for Wi-Fi monetisation solution

Partnership will enable retailers to transform customers’ in-store experience by making the most out of their guest Wi-Fi

Aerohive and Cloud4Wi partner for Wi-Fi monetisation solution

Wi-Fi solution providers Aerohive Networks and Cloud4Wi have teamed up to enable the next-generation of in-store experience for both customers and retailers.

Aerohive and Cloud4Wi, a cloud platform provider for enhancing guest Wi-Fi access, are offering a Wi-Fi monetisation solution, including an offering claimed to be unique to Aerohive that enables retailers to monetise Wi-Fi investments at no cost to them.

The premise is based on the fact that in-store shoppers are increasingly using Wi-Fi to get online, search for their favourite purchases, check item specifications, compare prices and read reviews.

Shoppers also want to share their in-store experience with family and friends by sending, sharing and posting status updates while going into some of their favourite stores.

As a result, retailers have a unique opportunity to engage this captive audience and interact directly with their customers by creating an optimal Wi-Fi environment.

Aerohive and Cloud4Wi have joined forces to provide a solution for retailers to create value on top of their guest Wi-Fi and maximise the return on their Wi-Fi investment.

The solution is built on Aerohive’s cloud architecture and its personalised engagement platform, which allows retailers a quick infrastructure deployment, and delivers rich network and client analytics for gaining insight into network and application usage.

Retailers can now easily iterate to get the incremental opt-in experience that is specific to their demographic, market and location, triggering optimised loyalty and contextually aware customer experiences.

Cloud4Wi’s platform enables retailers to be rewarded for offering Wi-Fi to consumers by leveraging the world’s first Wi-Fi marketplace. Using Cloud4Wi, Aerohive’s customers can quickly and easily enhance visitors’ online experience, create effective proximity marketing and couponing campaigns, spread their brand on social media networks and learn more about their visitors’ behaviours and preferences.

Delivered in the cloud, the Aerohive and Cloud4Wi solution is simple to set-up and easy to use. Retailers can now focus on engaging customers, creating effective marketing campaigns and improving their business performance.

Pricing and availability
The Aerohive/Cloud4Wi solution is available today. Existing and new Aerohive customers can get started with Cloud4Wi’s platform at no cost, with up to 6 couponing campaigns and integration to payment gateways as well.The offering can be upgraded to Cloud4Wi’s advanced services at an additional cost.

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