Ranplan provides tablet to reduce the time and cost of radio planning

iBuildNet Tablet designed to provide quick quote capability and speed up wireless network design and performance optimisation

Ranplan provides tablet to reduce the time and cost of radio planning

Ranplan has announced the latest version of its iBuildNet Tablet to help quote, plan, deploy and optimise outdoor/indoor radio networks. By offering feature-rich functionality on a standard Windows Tablet device, Ranplan allows pre-sales engineers to capture site information and quickly provide customer designs and quotes.

iBuildNet Tablet also helps to simplify and speed up detailed site surveys, radio planning and performance optimisation to deliver maximum coverage and QoE in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

Photos and images taken using the tablet’s camera along with input data can be used to create and annotate complex 3D buildings along with installation diagrams and reports.

iBuildNet Tablet also provides predefined data templates for costs and regulatory requirements, access to a comprehensive product database and empirical models to manage network design and performance calculations.

Customised reports can then be generated automatically, including network plans and QoE, cable routing and layout plans, BoM, cost of purchase and overall project budget.

iBuildNet is the only all-in-one design, planning and optimisation tool for combined outdoor/indoor small cell and HetNet deployments. In addition to dealing with complex structures, terrains and materials, radio planning for outdoor/indoor environments also has to take into account issues such as interference with macro cells and support for multiple-system technologies

“This combination of quick quotes, accurate predictions of network KPIs and powerful visualisations provided by iBuildNet Tablet help network equipment vendors to win bids from operators and building owners,” said Graham Peel, CEO at Ranplan. “Operators can also rapidly estimate the cost of building networks to deliver the required QoE across different service, content and application profiles.”

iBuildNet Tablet support any low and high end tablet running Microsoft Windows 8.0 and 8.1.

Ranplan will be featuring iBuildNet Tablet at Small Cells Americas, 1-3 December 2014, Dallas, Texas.


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